A sneak peak of the map

The good people at West Side Rag compiled an interactive map of the 32 openings and closings that have gone down in the Upper West Side over the course of the last month. Sadly, the only two newcomers this map cuts off above 96th street, thus the only two newcomers listed within 20 blocks of the 116th gates are Citibank and H&R Block. But the weather is dandy and now is the time for southbound strolling! Bwog recommends heading down to  Crumbs on 92nd and Broadway (or the more convenient 108th and Broadway) or checking out Momofuku Milk Bar on 87th and Columbus after it opens on September 20th.

Update 10:20 PM: Apparently there is a store opening near us. Crumbs will be opening a location on 108th and Broadway. The West Side Rag map only lists things below 96th street.