An anonymous tipster sent us such a goofy and curt chronicle of yesterday’s scheduled event, we thought it was too good not to share…

Man of mystery

President of Haiti Michel Martelly did not arrive to speak at his scheduled WLF event. Around 3 pm, half hour after event [was] scheduled to start, introductions and comments by Jeff Sachs and Earth Institute director for Haiti cut off by Bollinger saying President would not arrive, [and that] they had hoped foreign minister would arrive, but didn’t. Many people leave.

Jeff Sachs continues fielding questions about Haitian recovery and development.

Around fifteen minutes later, foreign minister arrives and gives speech while Jeff Sachs and ambassador to Haiti/Fugees member Wyclef Jean, stand behind him. Speech focuses on bringing investment to Haiti. Wyclef Jean then summarizes minister’s speech and talks about how he used to sneak into Columbia dorms as a teenager. Jean and Sachs hug awkwardly after Jean calls him ”the original rock star.” Foreign Minister then talks about the last time he was at Columbia, 1971, when he came down from Boston and partied.

Foreign minister then fields a few questions about Haitian agriculture and court system, as well as investigation of former president Duvalier before Sachs says that he needs to wrap up the event.

Haitian president via Wikimedia