It’s that time of year when teams of newly acquainted freshpeople  band together and try to come up with the best original pun. Below are the candidates for CCSC 2015 council—there are dozens of eager politicians. We’ve also heard that six candidates live on a single Carman floor, so things should get interesting. Also listed are the candidates for the 2013 and 2012 special elections: juniors need a new president, and both classes require representatives.

CCSC 2015 Election

Alma Matters
President: Zakariah Posewitz
VP: Tony Lee
Representative(s): Dayo Ostuntokun, Kunal Mehta, Julia Jarrett

President: Jared Odessky
VP: Erin Bilir
Representative(s): Liam Bland, Raja Gupta, Katie Angulo

The Freshman ‘15
President: Grace Krasnerman
VP: Chris Godshall
Representative(s): Loxley Bennett, Erik Ramberg, Mary Joseph

Morningside Pride
President: Noah Chodos
VP: Dawn Queen
Representative(s): Cem Zorlular, Scott Aronin, Ryan Bae

President: Akaljot Singh
VP: Fiona Liao
Representative(s): Jibril Kedir, Connor Callahan

Sick Party
President: Brian Shultz
VP: Eric Donahue

The Core of Four
President: Maurice Thomas
VP: Cinta Kiehl
Representative(s): Anca Marinescu, Gloria Hong

CU Mix & Move
President: Mandeep Singh
VP: Kelly Carde
Representative(s): Nancy Zhang, Jeremy Meyers, Kareem Carryl

College Party
President: Misha Sallee
VP: Tatiana Suridis
Representative(s): Virgilio Urbina Lazardi, Marcus Jeremy, AJ Lozano

Representative Candidates (without party affiliation)
Ruben Chaidez

CCSC 2013 Special Election

*() indicates party name

Presidential Candidates
Ryan Mandelbaum
Peter Batesko (Peteshank Redemption)
Richard Sun

Representative Candidates
Justin Yang
Eugene Wu (Woooooo)
Alex Jasiulek (Mr. President)

CCSC 2012 Special Election

Representative Candidates
Ida Girma
Wesley Yip