Heed Lady Columbia, young'uns!

Bwog is a big fan of the farmer’s market, and over the years we’ve gotten to know them pretty well. The market sets up in the early morning on the east side of Broadway from 114th to 116th streets on Thursdays and Sundays, and usually wraps up by around 5 pm. There’s a fantastic array of local produce, and every week, we’ll let you know what’s freshly in season, and most importantly, if there are cider donuts. Here are some friendly faces to look out for:

Ruby of Milk Thistle Farm, a purveyor of milk and dairy products, on working at the Columbia market:

“This is a neighborhood market and I get to know the people and the big student population buying. I get to…not play mother to them, but help direct them into healthier choices.”

Lou of Roaming Acres Ostrich Farm, a purveyor of ostrich products, on riding ostriches:

“We don’t [ride them] at the farm, but some people do. They’ve been used for riding for years. The ancient Egyptians, the royalty rode ostriches and even used them to pull their chariots. People have always used ostriches for all sorts of things. We render the oil and the fat for soaps.”

Gary of Samascott Orchards, a purveyor of the finest apples, on his cider recipe:

“Generally, larger apples are tastier and make better cider than smaller ones. We like to have a nice blend of sweet and tart apples.”

Bwog wishes the Greenmarket a belated (by a week) 35th anniversary!

Healthy living via Wikimedia