As of right now, they’re still saying, “Hi,” to everyone they see. Keep your ears open, because freshpeople are a feast of audible delights:

The 4loko of the sophisticated freshperson

Mingling on the John Jay green:

“I’m pretty sure that every time I’ve had champagne at Christmas it was just sparkling grape juice.”

“There’s also prosecco, that’s Italian”

Group of youngish guys licking popsicles outside Morton Williams:

“First we pregamed, then we gamed, and now we post game.”

Some bright young things:

“Happy birthday! Are you turning 18 or 19?!”

Freshgirl to a security guard:

“Oh my god, I can’t believe Convocation is canceled! That is such an important thing, I really wanted to hear my Deans speak and say, ‘Welcome to columbia, we’re so glad you’re here! But Dean Moody-Adams quit, so I think that might have something to do with it.”

A taste of Italy via Wikimedia