Boringside Heights: Maximum Efficiency Edition

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If you are as impatient as the rest of us when waiting in line for anything, hopefully this week’s edition of Boringside Heights will make things move a bit more quickly.

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  1. Waxima Perez  

    Who the hell buys groceries at Duane Reade? I hope that with next year's implementation of the Masterpieces of Western Food requirement for all memebers of the class of 2016 and beyond will preclude such mistakes in the future. Maybe it was just a slip of the tongue, but I think Columbia will be a better place when everyone has taken Food Hum.

  2. truefax

    Fairway > Westside > MW

  3. I'm Rich Bitch  

    How about they maximize efficiency and WIDEN THE STAIRCASE IN FERRIS BOOTH!!!!!!

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