Birdwatching in Wien

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Yesterday afternoon, a small green bird infiltrated the 11th floor of Wien and try to update his/her Twitter status on an unsuspecting upperclassmen’s Macbook Pro. This is only the latest in a series of animal incursions into our purportedly urban habitat. You may recall last year’s bats in Hartley and squirrels in Claremont. Maybe they are trying to tell us something?

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  1. bird? ...what bird? there's a bird?

    *furiously masturbates to sexy college girls in picture*

  2. I don't see a bird

    Only chicken heads.

  3. haven't you heard?

    the bird is the word

  4. Anonymous  

    It's so cute! What kind of bird is it?

  5. Anonymous

    I think they are jealous of Hawkma

  6. Anonymous  

    It looks like a yellow warbler.

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