“Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi”

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Gangstas, they bump my shit them they know me

Continuing the procrastination-fueled hunt for the inane, Bwog has been keeping a watchful eye on the airwaves and is back with a mix of some of the more memorable Wi-Fi network names around campus.

And Big Brother can see your iTunes library names too! Add your favorites in the comments and be sure to check out last year’s roundup.

  • no you can’t have the password (ironically, not password protected)
  • Darth Vadar
  • Swag
  • pretty fly for a wifi
  • Gene Parmesan
  • Onebigroomfullofbadbitches
  • the iliad is like gangster rap
  • TeflonDon
  • Large Tiger
  • Cervantes
  • Kornhole-guest
  • Fck U Dolphin

Throwback to 2013’s first Lit Hum lecture via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    There's one called Florian's Lair. I like to imagine that his lair is full of magical ice cream sundaes.

  2. Anonymous  

    I found a "get the fug off BETCH"

  3. Anonymous  

    Router, I barely know her

  4. Computer Intruder  

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wifi

  5. Anonymous

    Free wifi nope just chuck testa

  6. Anonymous  

    'we can smell your weed'

  7. When I lived in Nussbaum  

    we were right above Community. Community goers would pick up our wifi. We thought about changing the name to Community poisons their food. We opted for "free wifi" and put a password on it.

  8. Anonymous  

    "A Dump Truck," "aquamammal," "oof," and "penishead" are all in EC.

  9. Lucille Bluth  


  10. Anonymous  

    "we can smell your weed"



  12. In EC  


    No idea why actually, but it does amuse me

  13. last year i kept seeing  

    "STOP SLAMMING THE HALLWAY DOOR". yes, in all caps.

  14. Furnald has...  

    ..."super sexy internet (no pants)"

  15. CC'13  

    dude i am forreal worried about the Don though, keep the fires burning wifi homies

  16. Anonymous  

    "evil pediatrician"

  17. Woodbridge  

    "EFFMAN1," "Flounder," "Fck_U_Dolphin," and (my personal favorite) "DaddyStopTouchingMe v 21"

  18. on 112th  

    "Wireless Spectaculaaarrrrrrrrrrrr" and "you can't see tits on the radio"

  19. Anonymous  

    My wifi at home is named "albondigas" because my dad's fake internet name is Al Bondigas.

  20. Anonymous

    "The Ghost of Steve Tolman." Win.

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