Gangstas, they bump my shit them they know me

Continuing the procrastination-fueled hunt for the inane, Bwog has been keeping a watchful eye on the airwaves and is back with a mix of some of the more memorable Wi-Fi network names around campus.

And Big Brother can see your iTunes library names too! Add your favorites in the comments and be sure to check out last year’s roundup.

  • no you can’t have the password (ironically, not password protected)
  • Darth Vadar
  • Swag
  • pretty fly for a wifi
  • Gene Parmesan
  • Onebigroomfullofbadbitches
  • the iliad is like gangster rap
  • TeflonDon
  • Large Tiger
  • Cervantes
  • Kornhole-guest
  • Fck U Dolphin

Throwback to 2013’s first Lit Hum lecture via Wikimedia Commons