Robbery in Front of ADP

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Around 5:30, students received a Security Alert e-mail from Dean Terry Martinez about about a robbery on 114th. While this was supposed to be a reaction to an event that occured last night, the attached flyer reported an incident that occurred last year. Public Safety confirmed that the crime that actually occurred last night (and which should go out to students in a new email soon) was as follows:

Two Columbia students were accosted last night at 10:30pm on the stoop of ADP on 114th between Broadway and Amsterdam. Two males approached the students, threatened them with a box cutter, and demanded an iPhone before fleeing south.

Update (8:56): The correct flier has now been distributed, and can be read here.

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  1. Anonymous

    people street smarts, toughen up here...get your heads out of your books and look around you

  2. Anonymous

    Being aware of your surroundings is important but at 1030pm, right behind Butler, students shouldn't have to worry about getting robbed. Columbia needs to get their security under control. We pay enough to go here, I'm sure they can afford it.


    I once got slashed with a box cutter. and that was at close range with me not moving at all. got 3 stitches.

    if it isn't a gun or something that can shoot projectiles, TURN AROUND AND RUN.


    everyone: abide by NYC's rules, go to your local self defense shop, buy some pepper spray and keep the receipt.

    • Anonymous  

      wow you are a dick....

      • get real

        a few months ago a columbia GIRL fought off the big guy who snatched her purse. FOUGHT. HIM. OFF.

        if he held a gun or a taser or stungun or already had me by the collar, or even a small knife, i woulda obliged. but a fcking box cutter?!

        you have to know THEIR psychology at that moment. put yourself in THE MUGGERS shoes. you'd risk getting arrested chasing a kid down to kill him with a box cutter (it would take about 50 slashes) all because he refused to give up an ipod?

        • Anonymous  

          wow you need to get a fucking life! who is going to analyze a mugger in order to determine if it is right to fight them back. I bet you would get your ass kicked because you seem like a huge tool. Maybe the person just wanted to not take a risk, when it was just an phone....

          • i did get my ass kicked

            a couple years back. i didn't fight. i didnt yell. i gave the piece of sht my wallet without question. then he jacked me square in the fcking jaw.

            not only did i lose a teeth, i lost a very sentimental picture in my wallet. ive held onto it since i was 6!!

            next time this sht happens, i wont be the only one getting hurt. swear by it.

    • terrible advice  

      And how do you know that they didn't have a gun at the ready if the students had resisted? Or where they might have slashed them with the box cutter? Sure, we live in NYC and should be developing "street smarts" while we're here, but part of having them is knowing when to just give in.
      And just to add to that, when you're in front of ADP at 10:30pm on a Tuesday, preparing for a potential mugging is probably one of the last things on your mind (as it should be, if you ask me).

      • it's a vicious world

        ANYTIME you step into an area of low socioeconomic status (most cities) and you see suspicious people walking near you, better stay alert.

        thinking about that cute girl in class (its ok, i think about her too) while singing the "grenade" song in the back of your head isn't worth it if you let your guard down 5 minutes and get that hard earned from $9/hr job's $150 stolen.

      • contraire

        I never believed the street behind Butler to be especially safe comparatively speaking given its proximity to some downscale housing complexes and its relative lack of lighting compared to the two avenues on either side. I'm not suggesting that that's good or acceptable-- we should feel free to walk anywhere in the vicinity of the campus without worrying about security. But it isn't beyond the realm of expectations for something like this to happen there.

    • Anonymous  

      Track this comment

    • Anonymous  

      Sorry everybody doesn't live up to your standards, Chuck Norris

  4. Anonymous  

    On monday night I saw cops walking up and down 114th - in the SAME location - in a loop for at least an hour. Same time. I don't know where they were on Tuesday, but yikes.

  5. knows better

    tried robbing with a box cutter? noobs. outside of nyc these 2 crooks woulda gotten shot on the spot. walmart sells machetes and axes for only $25 max. such n00bs. get outta here.

  6. Anonymous

    dear "anonymi" -
    next time someone grabs your legs, holds a sharp object to your chest and demands your iphone (while you are sitting on your stoop, trying to enjoy your roti roll), i sincerely hope you try to "turn around and run" or better yet to overpower them, fail, and end up getting your shit stolen anyways. thanks for the advice though!
    the two students this happened to

    • well

      didn't know you were held by your legs. why don't the report say how it happened like it usually does?

      well in that case i would've given my shit up. wasn't trying to talk you down, mate. sorry, didn't know the details. the report made it seem like you were "approached" by 2 men while you were walking down broadway on your 2 feet.

      good luck catching them.

    • well

      didn't know you were held by your legs. why don't the report say how it happened like it usually does?

      well in that case i would've given my sht up. wasn't trying to talk you down, mate. sorry, didn't know the details. the report made it seem like you were "approached" by 2 men while you were walking down broadway on your 2 feet.

      good luck catching them.

      • cc'12  

        holy shit, please learn some fucking grammar. this is embarrassing.

        also, more related to the subject at hand, but i have grown to hate these shithead muggers more than i ever imagined i could over the last four years. dudes who were mugged, i am really sorry.

        • i hate them too

          i was one of the guys mentioned in one of the reports sent out over the past 3 years of campus muggings. i had a very very sentimental picture in my wallet i've been keeping my whole life, handed down from my great grandpa.

          you have no fcking idea how much i hate him. i WANT a mugger to approach me one night just so i can fcking rip his fcking face off.

          next time i get mugged, im not running nor coughing up cash. i'm going to claw and bite to the death even if it means i die.

          if you're thinking of mugging someone, burn in hll.

  7. Dear Bwog and Columbia  

    Can we ever get updates on past alerts, especially if perepetrators are caught?

    Or is it the case that these people are never caught and like someone up there said our money is invested in useless security gaurds with walkie talkies gossiping 24/7.

    If Terry Martinez sends these emails, I want to fucking know later on if they're caught.

  8. truth is stranger than fiction  

    The older one of the two stole my laptop (15'' Macbook Pro / Solid State Drive aka my life) from right outta my bag. This happened in Pinacle and the workers decided to tell me after the bum left with my laptop. Fortunately, I caught up with the dbag and snatched it outta his hands but it was a close call. Watch out for an older black male with a black knitted hat, age around 45, and height of 5' 9''. Apparently, he and his accomplice (who distracted the clerks at Pinnacle as the older one reached into my bag) are apple fanboys haha.

    • bum buster  

      ... ALSO, this literally happened 30 minutes after the ADP kids were mugged. At 11:30. I recognize the older black male with the knitted hat and vest. The sad part was that he tried to deny stealing my laptop even when it was in plain sight, hardly concealed by his vest. Once I grabbed it outta the lazy leech's hands, I told him to go fck himself. little did I know, I was seeking retribution for another crime done unto my Columbian brothers!

  9. Anonymous  

    Box cutter? That's some Gustavo Fring shit right there.

  10. zeitgesit  

    adp is now blighted, a dark stain on columbia's reputation. I recommend it be be torn down and replaced with something useful... like a pizza hut

  11. Twitch

    Terry Martinez is so desperate to do something around this school that she's taking over Public Safety's emailing duties? Why are we paying her?

    Oh right. To throw out the frats.

  12. Anonymous  

    no one cares for your pizza snobbery

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