Fear of the ugly truth

Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek taught “Radicalism 101“, in Zuccotti Park yesterday. (He’ll be at Columbia this Wednesday). Meanwhile, the protest has spread to 25 cities. (The Observer/CBS News)

Barnard Political Science professor Sheri Berman writes a scathing review of a book about conservatism that claims the ideology is about subjugating society’s lowest. (NY Times)

Giuliani is set to champion the safety of a nuclear power plant close to the city in the company’s ads, beginning this week. (WSJ)

A Columbia University researcher has created revelatory a mathematical formula to show that everyone wants a rich and attractive partner. (NY Post)

It’s homecoming week! Will we finally win the biggest football game of the season, or repeat our performance against Penn two years ago? Here’s a roundup of the most memorable homecoming moments as you try not to think about that. Watch this space for news about homecoming week on campus. (HuffPo)

Terror via Wikimedia