Columbia’s Professor Stiglitz, who’s been making the rounds recently, published a commentary on the economic recession in Slate and, well, the headline says it all. (Slate)

Apple announced the iPhone 4S yesterday, and, along with it, their new Siri app; part voice-recognition, part artificial-intelligence, all HAL-9000.  It’s a shame the name is destined to be the butt of many jokes in Japan. (CNet, WSJ)

Turns out Apple themselves predicted this kind of technology in one of those futuristic advertisements from the 80’s—creepy coincidence or full-blown conspiracy?  You decide (see video below!). (TechCrunch)

Even without Steve Job’s prophetic vision, was anyone really blindsided by this?  It’s official: Chris Christie isn’t running for President.  Let’s be honest, he probably has to deal with enough problems as it is. (NYT)

In case you’re worried Dark Energy, expanding universes and the like might come in conflict with Einstein’s theories and all we hold dear, rest assured; this year’s Nobel Laureates in Physics—winning for research into the Universe’s expansion—are confident that Eintsein remains the golden standard for physicists. “Every test we have made has come out perfectly in line with Einstein’s original cosmological constant in 1917.” (NYT)