Cain is leading in the polls thanks to this political genius

Students on campus have shared their positive reactions to President Obama’s proposed changes to student loan debt forgiveness. Others aren’t so happy. (NY1, The Atlantic)

Protesters in Zuccotti Park have to adapt to deal with the dropping thermostat. But that doesn’t worry the organizers, who think that the cold, “will clean out the square’s riffraff and those less committed to the cause. Lauren Digion told me that ‘the quantity of [occupiers] will go down, but the quality will go up.'” Elitist populism?  (NY Mag)

The political blogosphere establishment is trying to throw all of its hard-earned Ivy League PoliSci degree knowledge at Herman Cain to make sense of his meteoric rise, in spite of an anemic campaign presence in most states. There might not be anything remotely sensible in this, but it’s hilarious. (Daily Beast, Slate)

Gawker was solicited with under the table payments for the placement of product links in their posts. Like this, but less obvious. Naturally, the defenders of internet purity had a little fun with the salesman. Justice!  (Gawker, NY Mag)

A Columbia students sells her body for money—as a walking t-shirt billboard. This sounds like the perfect job for the casual college male who was going to wear a non-descript graphic T anyway.

Campaign Manager via IB Times