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Bwoglines: What is the World Coming to Edition

Steve Jobs instructed the next CEO of Apple to not think “What would Steve Do?” We’re thinking it’s a great time to switch back to PCs. (Bloomberg)

People are coming up with stranger and stranger reactions to OWS. MTV has decided to air “True Life: I’m Occuyping Wall Street,” while over on Long Island a couple is attempting to copyright the name. That seems like not the point. (NBC, NYMag)

The world’s population is skyrocketing, and a Columbia professor is trying to determine just how problematic that will be. (NYT)

Yoga, responsible for the creation of many “alternative” lifestyles and a whole lot of awkward farting, may not offer any mental benefits at all. (WSJ)

As if that deception wasn’t enough, consumers are reeling as they discover that the McRib doesn’t actually contain rib. Wait, no, they’re just really excited to stuff their faces and clog their arteries with it. (Gothamist)

Yet there’s a new hope. One group of fearless individuals has decided they’re not going to take it anymore. They are the 99%…of Star Wars fans who cannot stand to sit by and watch George Lucas ruin his creations. And they really want him to stop. (Wired)

And this may be the greatest sign of how far we’ve fallen: SNL made a skit that’s kind of funny. Oh, they decided not to air it? Phew. Deep breath everybody. (Gizmodo)

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