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Live from New York…it’s my standby line guide!

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Alec Baldwin, who has perfected Donald Trump’s signature look and speech in his SNL parodies, comes clean on who he will vote for this upcoming election- Charlie Brown. Although a longtime Democratic party supporter, Baldwin revealed Brown is the one person whom he can truly support as he’s the one with similar wishes and a […]

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Hilary Clinton will grace the stage tonight on SNL.We hope to learn some fun facts about the presidential candidate, and have a few laughs in the process. (New York Times) Actress Helen Mirren has announced her days of nude scenes are over (CBS). Related, singer Demi Lovato posed nude and makeup-less for the cover of […]

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Saturday Night Live celebrated its 40 year anniversary last night with a three-hour Sunday night feature celebrating its best and worst legacies. 40 years, huh? SNL might be the only thing that isn’t generational between you and your parents. (USA Today) Your Facebook newsfeed was crying on Thursday when Jon Stewart announced his future departure […]

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It may not be JSachs, but Columbia does in fact have a World Bank presidential candidate. (Bloomberg) Kate McKinnon, CC’06, is rumored to be joining the SNL cast, adding to our growing list of alums on the comedy show.  Let’s hope she doesn’t fuck it up. (Vulture) Turns out the weird guy in the Batman […]

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Cash-strapped urbanites may soon find work in the new convenience economy, which crowdsources temporary personal assistant tasks. Among the guinea pigs is an Arts Initiative coordinator, who claims its merits are more than monetary. (Observer) Whoever said field trips were dead? One visiting professor at GSAPP took his class to a banana ripening plant and […]

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Steve Jobs instructed the next CEO of Apple to not think “What would Steve Do?” We’re thinking it’s a great time to switch back to PCs. (Bloomberg) People are coming up with stranger and stranger reactions to OWS. MTV has decided to air “True Life: I’m Occuyping Wall Street,” while over on Long Island a […]

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It may not be quite as exciting as a Saturday night, but Live At Lerner promises to be a free and relaxing break from cramming for midterms. There’s talk of stress-busting back rubs, free food (both healthy, and “comfort,” notes the Facebook event), a photo booth with props, and a pumpkin patch.  Stop by Lerner Piano […]

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Wall Street isn’t the only place where discontent New Yorkers are fighting The Man. This Furnald first-year and her Target-bought novelty door stickers are spreading a dire warning throughout the undergraduate community. You can’t trust the system…..mannnnn.

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Columbia’s new mascot James Franco hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and as many of you have told us, his opening monologue was all about life as a celebrity at Columbia. Bwog’s been searching for this video online, but thus far we’ve been unable to find it. Still, here’s what we know: Franco was greeted […]

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It’s time to further explore the exciting world of Web Series. Your tour guide today — as always — is Bwog Television Critic Rob Trump. For even more of Trump’s musings, direct your attention to his blog, which has been added to our blogroll for your convenience.  If you like to keep up on your […]

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