Photo from Spec

Columbia will renovate the former St. Hilda’s House convent for undergrad housing, Spec reports.  The convent’s three white brownstones at 113th between Broadway and Riverside won’t be available until Fall 2013, so only underclassmen will get to make Hamlet references.

Administrators eagerly anticipate the new digs. “I think it’s going to be prime space,” Dean of Community Development and Multicultural Affairs Terri Martinez told Spec. Look at those architectural flourishes! You could, like, write an Art Hum paper about it.

And future residents won’t be subject to the whims of the housing lottery. Only special applicants can snag the coveted convent rooms. Ke$ho explains, “It will be another Living Learning special interest house since it’s a small residence hall.” He wants students to dream up new themes, so start brainstorming.