The Greenmarket assembles on Broadway every Wednesday and Sunday. Bwog brings you the highlights for this week’s market. 

    A t-bone steak, cheese eggs, and Welch's grape

  • This is the last day for Wagner’s grapes and grape juice, so get your fix before you have to go back to Welch’s.
  • Cut through the gloomy weather with a cup of hot cider, available at both Samascott Orchards and Stannard Farm booths.
  • If you’ve just been waiting all fall for some fresh Mammuth goat cheese, then hit up Ardith Mae on Sunday.
  • Pumpkin pie is sure to be in abundance.
  • The cooking demo on Sunday will teach everyone interested how to make candied apples.
  • Hodgson Farms will not be there today.
  • Want microgreens? Know what they even are? Monkshood Nursery will have hong vit radish, broccoli & spicy mustard shoots, as well as purple potatoes

Throwback via Welch’s