Staceyann Chin performing, squats

But not according to Wikipedia, so a citation is needed. In a month-long celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning students and student life on campus, QuAM is hosting a series of events around campus. Yesterday Prof. Peter Awn kicked off the month with a keynote presentation accompanied by poet and performance artist, Staceyann Chin.

Tuesday, October 4th: Queer Book Club, 7-9pm. Q House (201-207 Ruggles Residence Halls). Book: Revolution Starts at Home.

Wednesday, October 5th: Body Positivity and Queer Communities, 7-9pm. International Resource Center

Thursday, October 6th: Queer Sex Workshop, 7-9pm. IRC

Friday, October 7th: All Hail The Queen! Panel on Gender Performance, 8-9pm Lerner Party Space.

First Friday: Queer Carnival, 10pm-2am, Lerner Party Space

Monday, October 10th: Swing Both Ways: Dance Lesson and Discussion on Biphobia, 7-9pm. James Room (Barnard Hall)

Wednesday, October 12th: Breaking the Silence: Looking at Intimate Violence Within Latin and Queer Communities, 7-9pm. Earl Hall.

Friday, October 15th: Institutional/ized Homophobia and Heterosexism, 9am-3:30pm. Grace Dodge Hall (Teacher’s College).

Saturday, October 16th: Genderf*ck: Qrave, 9pm-1:30am. Lerner Party Space.

Monday, October 17th: Food For Thought: Ally Dinner, 5-8pm. Lerner Broadway Room.

Tuesday, October 18th: Cider in the Sukkah, 7:30pm, 3rd floor Kraft Center

Thursday, October 20th: Queering Fashion W/ Dapper Q, 5pm-8pm. Lerner Room 447

Sunday, October 23rd: Come Out to Brunch, 12-2pm. Sulzberger Parlor (Barnard Hall)

Monday, October 24th: Film Screening: Discussion on Black, Womyn, Conversations, 7pm-10pm. Lerner Black Box Theater

Tuesday, October 25th: Queer Book Club, 7:30-9:30pm. Philosophy Student Lounge (301 Philosophy Hall)

Wednesday, October 26th: Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen, 7-10pm. Diana Event Oval.

Thursday, October 27th: Queer Sci-Fi Night, 8pm, 503 Hamilton

Friday, October 28th: Closing Ceremony: Hallowing Party, 9pm-12am. Diana Event Oval