Bwog is occasionally inclined to showcase the artistic talent of the Columbia community. One of our renegade ‘toonists, Jamila Barra, is abroad in Argentina this semester studying Spanish (duh), Latin American philosophy, drawing, and ceramics. In her drawings, she captures telltale figments of everyday life in Mendoza and Chile. When Bwog asked her to articulate some of her thoughts, she said she’d been encountering “lots of questions about identity and morality and the point of nations that I hadn’t heard asked before,” and was challenged by art classes that were “much more interested in imagination and self-expression” than on technique. 

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Jamila's host, Abuela: "And again they invite me for dinner.. I wish they'd let me stay home! I can let one rip whenever I like and nobody hears me."

A park scene from Mendoza

"Two US dudes walking around in Valparaíso in Chile"