Nothing says, "tangy, sweet, and free" quite like this seasonal cranberry bread. No, really.

Most people like to eat. Most people do not like to spend money (see: free food tips). One such lover of all foods free and monies unspent has made herself known to us, and we harassed her so much that she finally agreed to assess the quality, quantity, and pizazz of free food events around campus. Read on as The Scrounger scales the Lerner ramps like a superhero in plainclothes, and reports back about Live at Lerner’s latest study break.

Study breaks are a free food lover’s best friend. What better way to procure inappropriately large portions than to do so in a sea of stressed-out midterm-ers who can’t be bothered to look up from a problem set? The Live at Lerner study break this past Monday was no exception. With a chill soundtrack setting the tone for the occasion, those brave enough to leave Butler for new horizons (the Lerner Piano Lounge) were rewarded splendidly as attendees basked in the aura of free stuff.

Quality 3.5 A table was lined with food in the back of the lounge. A variety of tasty cakes greeted study break-goers including a festive seasonal pumpkin, a cranberry variety and others. The cakes were dense, moist, and apt for an afternoon sugar-rush.  The assortment of food that followed was an eclectic smattering of study snacks including BBQ Lays, pretzels, white cheddar popcorn, and, the token “healthy” snacking option, apples.
Volume 4.2 The study break was well stocked with baked goods and seemingly bottomless vats of beverages.
Amenities 4.8 Forks made from plants, plates, napkins and sturdy cups made taking food from the event a breeze.  An excellent selection of beverages including coffee, cider, and hot cider, awaited eaters.  In addition, visitors could score and decorate their very own adorable mini pumpkin.
Take Out 4.5 Perfect grab food and go event.
Décor 4.3 There wasn’t anything too crazy.  The food table was nicely clothed and the “pumpkin patch” was clearly defined by a block of butcher paper.