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Fingers crossed that this is what the new SGO looks like

CCSC battled it out in the Satow Room. Maren Killackey lived to tell the tale.

  • VP Funding Kevin Zhai solicited proposals from the Council for changes to the Lerner SGO (Student Government Office) space. Among the top suggestions were “bright colors,” “fish tank,” “really fun couches,” “nothing,” and “get rid of that weird computer bay.” It wasn’t long, however, before the discussion of renovation ideas turned towards a series of complaints about a certain student group never officially booking the space for its Sunday meetings… but then it was back to “bucket full of Legos.”
  • Director of Sports Marketing Danny Spiegel stopped by to talk about Basketball Mania—which is happening this Thursday at 9:30 pm in Levien Gym (show up early to get free CU swag!)—and congratulate Council members on the record-shattering attendance at Homecoming (2,400 this year, up from 1,600 two years ago). When Mr. Spiegel offered to answer questions, class of 2014 President Conan Cassidy asked why CU Atletics rejected the 2014 Council’s proposed t-shirt design, which featured a lion, but apparently not the lion. Analogies abounded: “It’s like if McDonald’s had five different M’s.”

Good use of Student Life fees via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Of all the things to discuss at this university, especially in light of recent events, CCSC decides to spend its time discussing unneeded and superfluous "improvements" to SGO. Ridiculous. Absurd. It amazes me why this council wonders why no one knows who you are, or what you do, isn't it obvious?

    It amazes me CCSC even considers itself to be a legitimate organization capable of "holding power" and "change" when you peddle along doing stupid shit like this. This CCSC is a waste of TIME, EFFORT, and RESOURCES.

    I wish there existed an organization that could openly apply pressure on CCSC, ahem BWOG & SPEC, to bring to light the inefficiency and stupidity of our current CCSC. Instead, you just go along with the fun, without enough fortitude to confront them.

    What happened to this school?

    • CCSC Member  

      AMEN! Not everyone on CCSC wants these changes to SGO. It's a complete waste of student money. The E-Board needs to stop wasting time with things like this and actually working to change some things in the College!!

    • apathetic but annoyed  

      be the change. if you don't like something, do something about it instead of bitching about it on bwog.
      in fact, i'm going to tell you things you can do.
      1. go to council meetings (CCSCs are Sundays at 8)
      2. send an email to dean schollenberger or your dean
      3. organize your friends to do the same
      4. email the clubs you're in with your ideas on how student life could be better
      5. email your class councils and e-board and tell them what you want them to talk about

      i mean, seriously.

  2. Grumpy Old Alumnus

    So what have they've done to the SGO space this time? Add more mini-foosball tables? Add another jukebox? Carve out even more space for administrative offices?

    And when the hell did that space fall under a reservation policy?

    I think this video link at the bottom of the CUSFS website -- at the bottom of -- made before my time, still summarizes things succinctly.

  3. Nate ESC  

    The SGO discussion was intended to aid students. SGO used to be more used by students for working, hanging out, etc... but recently it's gone down a different path.

    If you don't know who the "certain student group" is, just ask.

    I encourage you to share your thoughts directly with the councils if you feel strongly on this matter, or others.

  4. Anonymous

    Lerner is structurally incapable of supporting student life. Why does every single space have to be subject to a reservation process? Oh, maybe it's because in the 10 years of its existence, the meager student space has been whittled away and converted into additional administrative offices, the administration felt it was more important for the building to make a profit by chasing business conference center money, and the last remaining hope for a large, serendipitous, and inviting space for students, the 6th floor, became MORE OFFICES.

    If there was any sanity in those building plans 10 years ago, there would be no ramps, and the entire ground floor would be a giant open space, with student officers for clubs on the periphery. Kind of like the old McIntosh Center.

    Build a new student center in Manhattanville. Destroy Lerner and rebuild it into something useful.

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