SGA: Of Costumes and Event Calendars

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The top costumes of the night

Bwog’s SGA correspondent Renée Kraiem brings you the latest on costume contests, bureaucratic shakeups, and campus events, not-quite-live from the Diana.

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  1. Anonymous  

    nobody gives a fuck about this

    • Anonymous  

      get over yourself, pork-wad

    • Anonymous  

      As a Barnard student, I agree. No one cares.

      • Anonymous

        Speak for yourself. Bwog is a forum for both Barnard and Columbia events.

        If you don't give a shit about Barnard because you can't be bothered to make friends there or go to events there, then don't bother reading articles pertaining to Barnard students. The only person missing out is going to be you, because you might miss some cool events. On the other hand, I doubt there is a single Barnard lady who would benefit from having you around.

  2. who is the

    indian chick on the left?

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