The Communal Table

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We asked, and you delivered. Although you won’t be around home long enough to enjoy a full week of Thanksgiving leftovers, we imagine that a gallery of festive and appetizing spreads will inspire the holiday spirit to linger just a little bit longer. Moveable feast/ food porn below:

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  1. Free food tag?  

    I mean...

  2. Yum  

    That apple/almond cheesecake looks heavenly...recipe?

  3. ugh

    so much white people food...blechhh. Now us Latinos, we KNOW how to make a holiday meal, and it doesn't involve copious amounts of mayonnaise drenched salads.

    *cue a billion dislikes and angry comments accusing me of food racism*

  4. Maria Gimenez Cavallo's Thanksgiving meal  

    looks absolutely delicious.

  5. Anonymous  

    that looks like a gourd pipe, not bong

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