‘Tis the Season

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And so it begins. With the final weeks of class upon us, we’re less than a month away from the time of great mayhem and malnourishment that is finals at Columbia (also the most festive and happy time of the year for the world beyond the bubble). Thus, we present our first sightings of the signs of the times.


When no one else answers your prayers, there is only one man to turn to. Especially if you have deepish pockets.

But there’s no need for complete despair. Romance blossoms in NoCo:


Turns out, someone really is watching

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  1. Anonymous  

    this bwog-fueled "Prezbo" worship has to stop. i know bwog doesnt really fan those flames anymore, but bwog should right the sins of its past and explain why our university's president is a corporate scumbag....... anybody wondering why public safety presence was ramped up for the terrifying occupy barnard???????? f u bollinger

  2. you lost me  

    at the second half, but rally the Prezbo worship really does need to stop.

  3. Well  

    I was just speaking with someone about this yesterday. By giving Bollinger a comedic / hero-worshiping aura, we obscure the real problems of this school's administration--and his own responsibility as "helmsman" of the university. Don't forget: 'PrezBo' is the same Lee Bollinger who's shafting the College and stamping out Occupy Columbia / Barnard.

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