ESC: Beautification and Composting

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Sean Zimmermann reports from last night’s ESC meeting.

  • ESC passed a resolution to encourage the administration to fix the safety and aesthetic problems in Pupin Plaza. For the last few years, the stone walkways near NoCo and Pupin have been deteriorating, and the council feels that the area has become a safety hazard to students, especially to those with disabilities.
  • The Columbia Composting Commission, a project of Columbia EcoReps, presented to the council; the composter, first presented to the councils last spring, will be arriving on campus within the next 12 weeks. Dubbed “the rocket,” the composter will be located in the Ruggles basement (a departure from the original plan that placed it outside of Schapiro). EcoReps will be training students how to operate the composter, which can only process “vegan” materials (vegetable food waste with minimal oil).
  • The ESC website might go online soon. The website has been under construction since last semester when a server failure prompted a redesign.
  • VP Communications Audry Padgett will be stepping down next semester. The council will begin searching for someone to fill the position soon.

UPDATE: We have been informed by the council that there will be a change in winter break housing this year. Though students will retain swipe access to all dorms, guest passes will no longer be issued; all visitors must be signed in.

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  1. Anonymous

    Please renovate the plaza and planters in front of Pupin and Noco. The rest of the campus is so manicured, and this area looks a mess.

  2. Hawthorne  

    Composting is streets behind.

  3. ummm  

    the esc website has been down for two years

  4. Yay, composting!

    Well done, CCC. Looking forward to finally getting some alternative waste-disposal choices around here.

  5. Anonymous  


  6. Physics Major  

    Thank goodness they are fixing Pupin plaza! That place is a mess. Every time I walked through it, I was afraid I was going to sprain my ankle on a loose tile or something.

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