A New York resident was arrested yesterday and charged with planning to build and detonate bombs across the city. (NYTimes)

They squabbled and squawked, but the congressional supercommittee charged with resolving the debt crisis just couldn’t do it. Even after they asked for an extension from their UWriting Professor President. (Bloomberg)

Occypy Wall Street, after being forced out of Zucotti Park last week, began a 24 hour “occupation” of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s house yesterday, which amounted to a lot of drum banging on the Upper East Side. (NY Daily News)

NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama when she stood alongside a military veteran to announce the beginning of a Florida race. (Slate)

Ever feel like your dessert just isn’t as fun as it could be? Inject a little rowdiness with the help of these two women, who discovered the secret to making alcoholic ice cream. (Gizmodo)

There’s no better holiday tradition than causing mild family chaos/physical harm with the annual Thanksgiving touch football game, and the WSJ has a helpful list of the 32(!) rules you should memorize as you start practicing this week.