They're ready for Mario Kart...are you?

Bwog’s all-star ESC correspondent Sean Zimmerman gives you the skinny on the continued push for video games in student spaces. 

Remember last week’s ESC proposal for video games in Lerner? In case you’ve forgotten, council member William Cybriwsky presented a revolutionary solution to Lerner’s oft-lamented boringness—rentable video game systems for use with Lerner’s televisions.

Well, it looks like his idea was so lovely that Columbia Dining Services has decided to steal it. Instead of installing video game systems in Lerner, JJ’s Place will be ordering Nintendo GameCube systems, controllers, and copies of Mario Kart that should be ready to play in the coming weeks. Just think, in a short while, you could be hanging out with friends, munching on chicken fingers, and playing video games in JJ’s. It’s still a far cry from John Jay Pub, but hey, we’ll take it.

Krazy karters from Flickr/