Bloomberg reports that Michael Wymbs, one of the five Columbia students implicated in last year’s Operation Ivy League drug bust, has pleaded guilty to the court’s drug charges. By doing so, he will be eligible for five years’ probation instead of a 2.5-year prison term.

Last month, state Supreme Court Justice Michael J. Sonberg ruled that neither Wymbs nor Jose Stephan Perez, a.k.a. Stephan Vincenzo, would be eligible for “diversion to treatment” rehabilitation programs in lieu of formal drug charges, citing that their drug sales were motivated by profit rather than by addiction.

Fellow defendant Adam Klein, whose hearing was postponed today, is still seeking diversion to treatment, whereas Stephan Vincenzo’s hearing is still scheduled for today. Defendant Christopher Coles has already been granted diversion to treatment, and he has until November 22 to inform the court of his decision to enroll.