Happy 'nogging

In case you’ve not enticed by the mystical vibes of the Reishi, this week’s Greenmarket offers plenty of supplies to preemptively celebrate the holiday season. Enjoy this week’s highlights:

  • Samascott Orchard will be selling chestnuts this week (roasting by the open fire must be done at home).
  • Bring in eggnog season with local, fresh ‘nog from Ronnybrook Dairy.
  • This Sunday, Dipolas will be hauling in a truckload of turkey.
  • Don’t forget the suace; Knoll Krest will be dealing fresh cranberries
  • If you plan on spending Thanksgiving sticky and drunk, take advantage of the maple syrup and beer being sold by Tundra
Next week’s Thursday market will be held on Tuesday, November 22nd with an expanded selection of holiday pies and breads as well as both fresh and smoked duck from the aptly named Hudson Valley Duck.