It really will be this deserted, so you might as well.

Thanksgiving is almost here! For many returning home, it means seeing extended family, stuffing themselves with food, and football. For others, it involves breaking up with their significant other and/or Black Friday shopping. But, if you’re still stuck on campus for the next four days, fear not. Your friends (and Dining) may have abandoned you, but there’s still plenty to eat and lots of opportunities for service and fun that don’t involve heading past 110th downtown.

Thanksgiving Volunteer Opportunity

When: Thursday, November 24th, 9 am-all day

Where: John Jay kitchen (John Jay basement)

Annually, Dining Services shares the John Jay kitchen with a member of the community, Sister Mary, who relies on volunteers to prepare and serve food to homeless in our community.  Assistance is needed with preparation and delivery of food within the neighborhood.  Interested- head down to the John Jay kitchen, ask for Sister Mary, and let her know you’d like to help.

More information about Sister Mary: Sister Mary  is the founding member and chair of the board of YES!Solutions, Inc. in New York City, a grassroots neighborhood organization that brings temporary relief to homeless, immigrant, impoverished, aging, and seriously ill members of neighborhoods in all five boroughs. She is a board member and corporate secretary of Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York, Inc., an international residential educational program for young people whose needs and safety can no longer be assured in their own homes. She serves on the board of Sports Angels, Inc. to bring sports celebrities and sports lovers together to support children in need.

Thanksgiving Clean-Up Opportunity

When:  Friday, November 25th, 9am-until kitchen is clean

Where:  John Jay kitchen (John Jay basement)

If you have time on your hands and are interested in assisting with clean-up- feel free to volunteer.  Again, head down to John Jay kitchen, ask for Sister Mary, and let her know you’d like to help.

Game Night

When: Friday, November 25 8PM-whenever

Where: Schapiro first floor lounge

Please join us for an evening of fun at the tables! Prizes and snacks will be provided!

Give Thanks and Make Cookies!

When: Saturday, November 26th 9pm-10pm

Where: Wien 2nd Floor Kitchen

Please join us to make delicious cookies and share what we are most thankful for this year. Everyone will also be encouraged to show their thankfulness by taking back some homemade cookies for those they are most thankful for. Please come with a hungry stomach and a thankful heart!

Columbia via Wikimedia Commons