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The Blue & White wants YOU

We’d like to think you’re all familiar with The Blue & White, Bwog’s ink-based mother of sorts. The magazine is currently seeking applicants interested in serving as the Blue & White‘s publisher for the year of 2012. If you’re interested in the production side of print media, have a business mindset, and boast strong interpersonal skills, please contact the current publisher, Elaine Baynham. She will detail the process more once the candidate has expressed interest in the position.


  • As publisher of The Blue & White, you are the face of the magazine. Importantly, the publisher works closely with the editor-in-chief and managing editor to keep tabs on the magazine’s production. The publisher handles the interfaces between Columbia University, Morningside Heights, and the staff. Additionally, the publisher is responsible for the magazine’s printing, advertising, and treasury.
  • With a keen eye for business matters, the publisher is expected to have a positive and professional demeanor to work with the Activities Board, to get approvals from our faculty advisor, and to attract local business for advertising. This position does require very strong organizational and marketing skills. While the publisher takes care of the practical side of producing the Blue & White, he or she is strongly encouraged to remain invested in the creative direction of the magazine and participate in meetings. As publisher, one certainly is not excluded from contributing to the content as well.
  • The term for this position is one year—all of 2012—so please consider your commitments.

Patriotic appeal via Wikimedia