Update: Organizers of Bacchanal have pulled together funds from councils and are now at roughly the same budget they had two years ago for Chewbacchanal. Here’s an explanatory video CCSC made about the club’s financial situation:

In the democratic spirit of the recent elections, the people from Bacchanal want to know what sort of band you want occupying the steps during Bacchanal this spring. While a dispute with the administration set Bacchanal’s budget back significantly and caused the cancellation of Bacchanal’s fall concert, the group currently has ~ $38,000 $100,000 to spend on the act of your choice. Tell them what sort of sound you’re interested in by voting in the poll to the right, or, if you feel hindered by the choices available write in the specific style, artist, or vibe to which you dream of getting your crunk on in the comments section of this post. Reach Bacchanal directly here..