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Benjamin KornickMinus this very interesting photo, we know how talented, subtle, and composed Benjamin Kornick is. Which is why we gave him a senior wisdom. So that now, the world will, too. But the question remains: Did he ruin Bacch, or did he save it?

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Benjamin Kornick, CC, Sociology with concentrations in Political Science (pending Republicanism paper completion) and Business Management, Roslyn, NY

Claim to fame: I ruined Bacchanal.

Where are you going? To the lobby. My Seamless order is here.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2020?

1) Well, talking about relationships, the most important thing I found out was the importance of living your life. Columbia can be the most stressful school in the country if you make it the most stressful school in the country. In the words of my idol, Kanye West, “My life is dope and I do dope shit.” College will be far more exciting and enjoyable if you make a concerted effort to do dope shit and surround yourselves with dope people who share that same goal. I may not have been the Valedictorian, but I can say with confidence that I got the most out of this school and New York City as I possibly could have in four years. Of course, academics are important, but go to as many concerts, Broadway shows, museums, and random food spots as you can because going to college in the greatest city in the world should not be taken for granted.

2) As many know, I have had my bouts with administration. I think there are a select few that really do want to make our experience here as great as it can be, while most are just looking after themselves and the liabilities at stake. The cancellation of fall Bacchanal taught me a very valuable lesson – get everything in writing. Decisions can be reversed immediately and administrators go back on their word all the time.

3) Lastly, if the law school seems locked… swipe your card a second time and hit the button to automatically open the door. It probably works — 75% all of the time.

What was going on back in Ben’s day?



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Half of Hippie Sabotage (although his beard is full-Hippie)

Arts Editor Gowan Moïse took time out of his Bacchanal experience to get a quick backstage-interview from the musical duo Hippie Sabotage. The brothers are currently on a national tour but managed to carve out time between shows in Texas to perform at Bacchanal 2016 as surprise headliners.

Q: So, you flew in from Austin, Texas this morning, and you’re flying back to Phoenix tonight to continue your tour. How does that intense schedule impact your ability to perform and create music?

A: We’re used to a crazy travel schedule, but honestly, we weren’t sure how we were going to manage after the flight into New York with the midday performance. We weren’t nervous exactly, but we were definitely tired from the flight and rushing into sound check to do all the things to prep for our set. But everyone in the crowd really showed up about ten minutes into the set, and we definitely think that it went super well. The energy from the crowd was incredible, it totally kept us going and made it worth it, so we can’t complain.

Q: Speaking of that energy, what kind of energy and experience did you expect coming to Columbia?

A: [laughing] Columbia was always the type of university I wanted to go to if I’d worked harder in high school. I’d visited the school a few years ago with a girlfriend at the time, and I really loved the school, it’s fucking gorgeous. My brother and I were really just excited to come back to play here, and we were just hoping for a good time and lots of energy from the crowd, which was definitely there. It’s a cool experience to get to play here for you guys.

Q: Bacchanal is a day devoted to stress-release for the student body, with parties in the morning and evening and the concert midday. Do you think that your performance helped facilitate that stress release?

A: We really hope so, and it really seems like it did. When the Bacchanal committee reached out a while back to get us to come, we were really excited to provide some positive energy for the students. We came into this with the mindset that we have a responsibility to create a positive experience and get rid of some of that stress, and everybody was super responsive today, so hopefully we made sure that it was a good experience for everyone watching and getting into the show.

Q: Both you and your brother graduated college and decided to follow music full-time. What would you say to students at Columbia who are facing graduation?

A: As you guys enter the corporate world, remember all that idealism that you had going into college and throughout the whole thing. And don’t become jaded when you get into finance, or law, or politics, or whatever, because that doesn’t make the world any better. You have to keep and hang on to any passion you have, and keep moving forward.

For those Columbia and Barnard students who were absent from Hippie Sabotage’s set (or were too inebriated to remember): check out some of their music on The Sunny Album and Vacants.



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Think you're the next Fountain Girl? Prove it.

Think you’re the next Fountain Girl? Prove it.

Think you got the best snapshot of something wild yesterday? Did you witness something hilarious, tragic, or a wonderful combination of the both? Willing to bet that it can beat 2014’s Fountain Girl?

Bacchanal is now over, so bring on the hangovers and neglected homework! But before you drag yourself to Butler for the rest of the weekend, take a moment to write one more thing: your best story from yesterday’s debauchery. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it! Email us at to tell us your Bacchanal story. The weirder the story, the better. If you’re an especially lazy person who avoids email at all costs, leave your story in the comments below. We’ll be posting a few of our favorites soon, so hurry up! And remember, pics or it didn’t happen. (Just kidding. Please, still send in your undocumented stories.)



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they wanted her to bacch

They wanted her to bacch

As you wind down after an eventful Saturday (or wind up, hopefully to our pregame/regame playlist), Bwog would like to take a moment to reflect on what Bacchanal has done to us, and what we did for it. 

Bacchanal, Thank You For:

  • Puked after having one glass of champagne
  • “I’ve been over it for an hour and a half.” “I’ve been over it since 8 this morning”
  • Ran into a very excited and distraught friend
  • NYPD had aviation looking at frat row allegedly
  • “The sky is beautiful Pantone 292”
  • Got into a balloon fight with KDR
  • Beta got possession of Rae Sremmrd’s shirt
  • “Maybe the music is a lot better … like, up there … but we just don’t know”
  • “I’m sorry this is your first Bacchanal. Somehow, this is worse than last year”
  • “I’m considering ducking out and doing homework soon… that’s how lame this is”

Bacchanal, You’re Welcome For:

  • Left to take a nap during Rae Sremmurd
  • Went into butler stacks to drink and watch anime
  • Tried to figure out how all the fencing makes sense. It doesn’t.
  • Girl was carried out of frat house at noon to be cava’d
  • “What sobers you up?” “This concert”
  • “How are you?” “Lit.”
  • “They spent $16,000 on barricades. They could’ve hired me instead. I would’ve been like ‘fuck you, get in the back.'”
  • “One of my professors hasn’t posted the problem set for this week yet because he wants us to ‘enjoy bacchanal.'”
  • Overseen: A girl standing in the center of broadway. Driver yells at her to move. She doesn’t. Driver starts to get out of the car. Girl finally moves. Halal guy yells, “What d’you expect, man, this is Columbia!” Guy in car replies “I don’t care!” Girl finally moves. Ddriver, aggravated, moves on.




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Good morning Baccha-babies

Good morning Baccha-babies

Whats up Baccha-bros! Hope the clouds didn’t bully you out of wearing your muscle tank and pink chubby shorts. From what we’ve already overseen, it certainly didn’t stop “the person who has been ready since October” from wearing her shorteralls. Some other great overseens:

  1. Champagne cork popped out of a window in the quad
  2. Guy in ticket line openly drinking a beer
  3. Cava with two ambulances just chillin


It’s great. For once, everyone is fucked up on a substances other than stress and academic pressure. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our pregame playlist, and if you stubbornly decided to stick with your Spotify Weekly Discovery, don’t worry. You’ll have a chance to take Jell-O shots to My Neck, My Back  at your regame (pregame again) tonight. Also check out this great hour long mix that has nothing to do with today’s lineup, but everything to do with shaking your ass.

Planning to head to EC afterwards? Maybe a frat? Wherever you go, hopefully it doesn’t turn into a furry orgy. (Neomagnolia) 

Thought our overseens were weird? This man found two sex toys while walking his dog on the beach. Don’t forget to send your to tips! (Mirror)


Thought you did a great job hiding your favorite substances from public safety? Two columbia astronomers have developed a plan on how to hide earth from advanced aliens. (Huffington Post)

Sleepy Bwog via Sold Separately



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it's really two guys but w/e

it’s really two guys but w/e

This is not an April Fools’ Day joke, we repeat, this is not an April Fools’ Day joke. According to multiple tips, the Bacchanal Committee has contacted an additional performer to headline tomorrow’s show. Hippie Sabotage is rumored to be the secret artist joining Bibi Bourelly, Marian Hill, and Rae Sremmurd on stage tomorrow. Despite performing in Austin tonight and San Antonio tomorrow night, the electronic/hip hop duo, who describe themselves as “two brothers who make music” on their Facebook, are “highly anticipated” to make an appearance at tomorrow’s annual spring concert. Our tipsters went on to say that the performance has yet to be made official (in terms of legal agreements), which is presumably why Bacchanal has kept mum about the surprise.

Check in here for more updates.

Hippie Sabotage at the Roxy via Facebook



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You and the squd getting lit in SigChi

You and the squd getting lit in SigChi

Isn’t the Friday before Bacchanal just glorious? Birds are singing, sorority girls are bedazzling their fanny packs, and students are picking up from their dealer just in time for the big day. To help you get through the big day, we have put together our annual Bacchanal survival guide with all the info you need about the event.

The night before:

  • Put those Jell-O shots/gummy bears in the fridge to set overnight. Jell-O shots are a great way to get boozy on Bacchanal, and it’s almost like taking a shot without feeling like you’re gunna vomit! If you want to get fancy, try out some champagne Jell-O shots with your bottle of Moët to really impress your pre-game.
  • Cook up some tasty medicinal marijuana treats. You can likely get everything made the day before and not have to worry about any prep before partaking in a glorious high-spirits day on the lawns. We’re planning on embracing our inner-Ina Garten and making firecrackers.
  • Make a pre-game playlist. No one is going to want to stick around in your Carman double if you’re playing some old shit. Fetty is always safe to get you hype (considering we can’t have him for the concert.) Alternatively, just put on the playlist we made for you!
  • Do your homework. God knows you will not be able to even see straight beyond 11 AM tomorrow, so there’s not chance in hell you’re getting any work done before noon on Sunday. Get a head start on your problem set and your hungover Sunday self will be thankful. This will also keep you from being a dumbass and getting drunk the night before Bacchanal.

Don’t worry, we’ve planned the whole day for you



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Waiting for tomorrow like

Waiting for tomorrow like

Was the line at International so long that you didn’t have time to build a pregame playlist? Bwog’s got you. Check out the highlights of our three hour playlist below.

  1. Change Locations, Drake and Future: When you move from the Carman pregame to the EC pregame
  2. How Many Times, Chris Brown, Big Sean, DJ Khaled: Skip the DJ Khaled verse we don’t want you to bach
  3. Flex, Rich Homie Quan: Even if you don’t know any words to this song, saying ooo oo ooooo with your friends is fun
  4. Uber Everywhere, Madeintyo: Pretend to relate to this song when you take the public safety shuttle back to CG
  5. I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times, Jamie xx, Young Thug, Popcaan: For what will ensue at the concert
  6. 212Azealia Banks: Your current location
  7. This is How We Do It, Montell Jordan: You explain to your NYU friend on the lawns as you drink out of a fuck spec shot glass
  8. Work, Rihanna: Any playlist that doesn’t have this song on it is irrelevant its inclusion is a formality
  9. Throw Sum Mo, Rae Sremmurd: Rae Sremmurd is two people, not one
  10. Hotline Bling, Drake: Here to make your Bacchanal crewneck relevant
  11. I Love Kanye, Kanye West: To celebrate TLOP’s release on Spotify we can pregame to Kanye talking about himself
  12. Antidote, Travi$ Scott: Bacchanal is all we know, in the lawns is all we know
  13. Down in the DM, Yo Gotti, Nicki Minaj: He said PrezBo, whats good?

Ok girl lets go via VH1



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Did we mention that Bacchanal is tomorrow? And that it’s probably going to rain? Whether you “forgot,” “don’t care,” or have been “ready for months,” Bwog’s got you covered on the outfit to wear.

The Person Who Has Been Ready For Months
They have literally been thinking of this outfit since they passed out before seeing Big Sean. They swear that this year they’re going to get it right. The downside of picking your bacchanal outfit 6-12 months in advance is that it probably won’t be weather-appropriate. So when they carefully picked out the perfect pair of shorteralls, or squealed with glee when they found the crop top of their dreams, they probably weren’t thinking that it would be a brisk 59 degrees with a 60% chance of rain. Luckily, 3 months ago they spotted this cute raincoat that was too festival-ready to pass up. Hell, if they’re cold they can just slip on some liquid pants like everyone else.

The Butler Camper (a.k.a. The Doomsday Prepper)

camperWhen it comes to Bacchanal, no one is more prepared than the Butler Camper. They use their collection of miscellaneous oddities to reserve their treasured Butler seat, all whilst preparing for the greatest event of the year. The Camper has been diligently checking the forecast for the past fortnight, has star charts spread across their Butler nook, and has their dealer on-call for whatever guilty pleasure the event will require.

The Person Who “Doesn’t Care”

does not care“The music is a little too mainstream for me.” “It’s not even going to be fun.” “I’m not going unless I can watch Ben Kornick get in a fist fight with Public Safety.” We are all familiar with this person: the one who claims to be too alternative for Bacchanal, who says they can have more fun elsewhere. For someone who is so vehemently opposed to attending Bacchanal, this person sure seems to talk about it a lot. When the big day arrives, this person will claim that they’re just going to “see what all the fuss is about” (and will later deny the legitimacy of any such fuss). As they’re getting ready, they throw on a pair of jeans (“See, I’m wearing my cuffed jeans–that’s how little I care,”) and the new crop top that they were saving for a special occasion but “might as well” wear today. They just happen to grab their edgiest sweatshirt (tied around the waist, of course), decide to take their favorite spring jacket (it is supposed to rain, after all), and step into a pair of Docs (“Oh, these old things?”). Yea, they definitely don’t care at all.

Who else is coming to Bacchanal?



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Who got Bwog a DSLR?

Now that we finally know who’s performing at Bacchanal (and that we’ll be herded into one of four pens instead of six), here’s a playlist to familiarize yourself with the artists–Rae Sremmurd, Marian Hill, and Bibi Bourelly–while studying for (what are hopefully some of your last) midterms. Come April 2, maybe you’ll actually know some songs other than “No Type.”



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Get ready for Sremm lifeeee

Earlier this evening, an anonymous source on Bacchanal confirmed that Rae Sremmurd, Marian Hill, and Bibi Bourelly are headlining this year’s annual spring concert. This marks the first time in recent Bacchanal history that the headliners have included female performers.

Today, the Bacchanal Committee met with Public Safety for another formal event review concerning the layout of the viewing area in front of the stage. The stage will remain on Low Steps facing South Lawn and Butler library. Instead of the originally-proposed six-pen layout, this year’s crowd will be segregated into four viewing pens. The front two sections will each contain 624 people, or around 1,200, according to our source. The larger two back sections will contain the remaining 2,400 undergraduate students.

Our source confirms that the Bacchanal committee is “very pleased with the outcome from the meeting.” Public Safety originally wanted to strictly ticket the front two sections, but after discussion with members of the Bacchanal Committee, CCSC, and administrators, they have agreed on a more free-flowing design that allows students with tickets to come and go from the front two sections as they please. The South Lawns will operate as they would on any other day, so that anyone who chooses to sit and watch the performance from a distance can.



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Rae Sremmurd, Marian Hill, and Bibi Bourelly

Rae Sremmurd, Marian Hill, and Bibi Bourelly

We have received information from a Bacchanal committee member confirming multiple tips that Rae Sremmurd, Marian Hill, and Bibi Bourelly are this year’s headliners for the annual Spring Bacchanal concert. According to our source, Public Safety and administrators in charge of planning Bacchanal are stonewalling the Committee from sharing any information about this year’s headliners with the student body until after all the tickets have been reserved.

As was previously announced, the student band EVELINE will open the concert following their Battle of the Bands win. EVELINE features Zibo Gao, CC ’19, Sias Merkling, CC ’19, Bruce Young, CC ’19, Nick Greene, SEAS ’19, and Marco Starger SEAS ’19. DJ Kassius Klay (aka Klay Roberts, CC ’16) came in second, and will be the house DJ for Bacchanal. This year’s concert theme is “They Don’t Want You to Bacch.”

The concert will take place on Saturday, April 2, 2016 on Low Steps from 12:30 to 6:00PM and is expected to be a much longer show than last year’s performance. Unlike last year’s concert, which required students to pay a $7 ticket fee, this year’s show will return to being free of charge to all undergraduate students in CC, SEAS, BC, and GS. Each undergraduate is allowed to reserve only one ticket in their name for the show, and as a general reminder, tickets are being released in four waves of 1,000 at the following times on Eventbrite:

Thursday March 24th: 11:30AM
Friday March 25th: 6:00PM
Saturday March 26th: 11:00AM
Monday March 28th: 8:00PM

We have received no update yet on the stage layout situation.

The Bacchanal Committee has declined to comment on any information from our source regarding the mechanics of this year’s show, including headliners, ticket distribution, and stage set-up.



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The next Vampire Weekend? Decide for yourself on April 2nd!

Is EVELINE the next Vampire Weekend? Decide for yourself on April 2nd!

With just three weeks until Bacchanal, members of the opening band, EVELINE, took time yesterday out of their busy schedule to sit down with Arts Editor Gowan Moïse. The all-freshmen band comprised of Zibo Gao (vocals), Sias Marking (guitar), Bruce Young (guitar), Nick Greene (bass/cello), and Marco Starger (drums) talked about how they got their start as a band, how they define EVELINE’s sound, and their plans and expectations for Bacchanal. While the headlining act is still undisclosed, here’s everything you need to know about the newest musical celebrities on campus.

Gowan Moïse: First off, how do you pronounce EVELINE? 

Sias: Well, to be fair, we don’t really know ourselves. Although we do think it’s cool that people can decide how to pronounce it, but we should probably figure it out.

Marco: But for an answer: it’s pronounced not “eve-line.”

GM: So, how did you guys get your start as a band? You’re all freshmen, so was it difficult to find a group of people to get together for a band?

Zibo: It was kind of a complicated process. Marco and I jammed with another girl (not in the band), but we really only clicked with each other. After that, I reached out to Paul Chang (the band’s current producer) in my MusicHum class, who put us in touch with Sias.

Marco: Yeah, and then we had a couple of rehearsals with just the three of us. We played “Yellow,” a lot of Coldplay. . .

Nick: After that, I messaged the group and started jamming with them because they posted in the class Facebook about needing a bass player. And then Bruce reached out to everyone because he was looking for people to play with. We were pretty hesitant about letting more people in, but we heard some of his music, and it worked out.

Sias: That first night, we ended up writing almost an entire song, and it was just really cool, a really good vibe with the band.

Click to keep jamming with EVELINE



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Congratulations, EVELINE!

Congratulations, EVELINE!

According to an announcement posted on Bacchanal’s Facebook page, EVELINE finished in first at Battle of the Bands. Comprised of Zibo Gao, Sias Merkling, Bruce Young, Nick Greene,and Marco Starger, the alternative rock group will be the student opener for the Bacchanal concert on April 2nd. In second place, DJ Kassius Klay will be house DJ between sets for the event.

Artist Artwork via Facebook



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A sneak preview of this year's shirt design

A preview of this year’s crewneck design

Today the Bacchanal Executive Board released an official statement regarding this year’s annual spring concert, appropriately titled “They Don’t Want You To Bacch.” The show is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 2, 2016, a date that was chosen “carefully to avoid any religious holidays, Days on Campus, and set-up for graduation.” As we count down the days until Bacchanal (60 to be exact!), the committee is preparing for the official Battle of the Bands contest, which determines the Columbia musical act who will open the show. Additionally, the Bacchanal 2016 crewneck will go on sale this Friday until Monday, February 15, at 11:59PM.

For more information, check out Bacchanal’s press release below!

The Bacchanal Executive Board is excited to announce that this year’s Spring Concert, “They Don’t Want You To Bacch” will take place on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016. Bacchanal is officially TWO MONTHS AWAY. This date was chosen carefully to avoid any religious holidays, Days on Campus, and set-up for graduation.

2 months may seem like a long time, but we are preparing for the annual Battle of the Bands and our official crewneck sale. The event pages for these are below, so please check them out!

Think you have what it takes to open the big spring show? 3 years ago, Morningsiders won the Battle of the Bands and now their hit song Empress has over 5 million streams on Spotify. 7 years ago, Vampire Weekend also opened Bacchanal. Submissions are due Thursday, February 11 at 11:59pm.

The official Bacchanal 2016 crewneck will be on sale from this Friday to Monday, February 15 at 11:59pm. Thank you Alex Rosales (BC’18) for the official poster and crewneck design!

Benjamin Kornick – President
Tyler Allen – Concert Chair
Nza-Ari Khepra – Concert Chair
Madeline Kim – Publicity Chair
Vivi Hyacinthe – Treasurer
Simi Olagundoye – Secretary
Michal Ashkenazi – Outreach Chair
Jesse Van Marter – Safety Chair
Renetta Walcott – Tech Chair

Photo via Bacchanal committee

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