Deans Issue Statement On Bacchanal Cancellation

This will not be you in a couple of weeks.

Amid a storm of student outrage over the cancellation of a fall Bacchanal, the University deans have issued a statement attempting to explain the reasoning behind the decision.

Two days ago, a letter was issued by the Bacchanal committee, the student councils, and a few other student organizations that revealed Columbia had canceled what would have been our first fall Bacchanal, and put the spring concert under review. It states that the deans vaguely cited “safety concerns associated with drinking and sexual harassment” in their meeting with student leaders as an excuse for the cancellation.

Columbia’s statement alleges that the concert “was never officially scheduled or approved,” whereas students leaders had said that three artists were booked by July 8th for a September 14th concert. Despite claims made by those student leaders, No Red Tape, and CASV, PrezBo’s regime firmly asserts the following: “the decision not to move forward with this concert is not a response to the issue of gender-based misconduct and sexual assault on campus.” No, rather, the timing was poor, as students would have still been “settling into their coursework, which, of course, is the primary reason they are at Columbia,” and there were safety concerns. The statement then goes on to repeat all of the steps the administration has taken to address our Gender-Based Misconduct Policy, because this cancellation definitely wasn’t related to that at all.

We might not be back at school yet, but the war on fun rages on. The full statement can be found below, emphasis ours.


Breaking: Baccha-no-more?
We feel the same way, sad family pet.

We feel the same way, sad family pet.

Just as Public Safety gears up for another round of NSLOPPY first-years, Bwog has received word that the spring concert organized by Bacchanal (a student organization run through ABC that is also responsible for Lowlapalooza) is under administrative review.

Citing “safety concerns associated with drinking and sexual harrassment,” the four undergraduate deans have officially cancelled a proposed fall concert (which would have taken place in September) and are considering canceling the annual spring event. Student leaders have told admins that “canceling Bacchanal was a misguided way to fight sexual assault, because it simply distracted from and disguised the underlying causes of sexual violence, rather than creating a campus culture in which students could safely participate in school­wide, community events.”

The full press release from multiple student executive boards—including the valiant battle between student leaders and the administration, some financial issues, and typical communication problems—is under the cut, along with a response from the Coalition Against Sexual Violence and No Red Tape.

It’s a very detailed press release.

Estimating Bacchanal’s Budget
He gave such great life advice

An inspiration to us all

An investigative tipster sent us a surprisingly thorough list (PDF) of artists and their booking prices from music agency Degy Entertainment. According to Degy, booking Lupe costs $65,000–$80,000, which looks roughly in line with Bacchanal’s rumored budget. This makes him not quite the cheapest headliner in recent years. Here’s the cost of the past few years’ headliners, according to Degy:

  • Macklemore (2013): $200,000–$300,000 (Dayum. Someone made it big. But this is definitely not what Bacchanal paid to get him, since this list is for 2014 and Macklemore has acquired more fame since he graced Low Plaza.)
  • Big Gigantic (2012): $35,000–$50,000
  • Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion: $75,000–$100,000

And here are some acts we (maybe) could have gotten this year for the same price as Lupe:

  • B.o.B.
  • Jason Derulo
  • A cheap Selena Gomez concert
  • An expensive DJ Pauly D concert
  • 8 Kreayshawn concerts
Bacchanal Through Tips

We’ve been receiving your stream of inebriated tips, and we love it. Keep them coming to tips@bwog.com or the anonymous tip form as you take this party to 1020. We’ve also been receiving your delightful Snapchats, since, in a moment of divine inspiration, we created one last night. Add “thebwog” on Snapchat—we don’t want your naked pics, though. Tips:

  • About CAVA: “Supposedly over 40 today!”
  • “Some guy was laying outside my room. I asked if I could get by and he was like “you probably don’t want to.” Out of every spot on my floor’s hallway, he chose to vomit right in front of my door.”
  • “My roommate is sleeping on the floor wearing shutter shades.”
  • Observation: “A surprising number of gopros spotted in the crowd…to catch those action shots I suppose? I mean I guess they are water and fluid and vomit proof.”
  • Overseen: “Girl ashing cigarette onto another’s face.”
  • “It’s hot.”
  • “EVERYONE is in a fucking crop top. Bring me a drink, bring me a drink.”
  • “Bacchanal–when Columbia becomes a state school.”
  • First year’s first bacchanal: “It smelled like a lot of weed.”


  • “Post-Holi, using my suite shower and essentially strip off all of my clothes and leave them on the floor of the shower. Walk to my room to get towel, shampoo, soap. When I get back the shower is occupied. In fact, so are all the other showers on my floor. So I go to the next floor down to avoid hanging out in my fucking underwear in the lounge. Ran into multiple people that I know while in that state and couldn’t even use my towel to cover myself up because I needed it to dry myself off after. Also hair-flipped and splattered the ceiling with paint.”
  • “I was on the McBain fire escape when my friend accidentally dropped a bag of coke. Somehow it landed on the roof of Sig Nu and he went to retrieve it successfully. Celebrations ensued.”
The Definitive #THROWBACCHANAL Playlist
Sort of

Sort of

Bacchanal is mere days away. While some may be preoccupied with what they’ll be drinking or where they might find a toilet on Saturday, Anna Hotter is just worried about keeping up with the crazy kids and their music.

If, like me, you’ve been living under a musical rock for the past 7 years, listening to the same the Mountain Goats album over and over again, then Bacchanal is a scary time. As soon as the first rumours surface, I start to feel like a balding 50 year old who is desperately trying to keep with it. Search terms like “what’s a maclamoor” appear and quickly disappear in my browser history, until I finally admit defeat.

This year, however, the fact that our main act, Lupe Fiasco, hasn’t been the most relevant in recent years, gave me hope that I might be able to catch up with all you groovy cats after all. I thus went deep down the rabbit hole of Mr. Fiasco’s discography and compiled a playlist of his most popular acclaimed work, which you can enjoy below. Fans of Modest Mouse should give The Show Goes On a listen.

The full Spotify playlist is a…fiasco.

It’s Officially A Fiasco
Like this, but bright and outdoors

Like this, but bright and outdoors

After weeks of speculation and some recent drama, Lupe Fiasco will be performing at Bacchanal, as Spectrum released before the 12 am embargo on the information and as the Bacchanal statement reads below.

Get ready to pregame early (but not as early as last year), as Bacchanal is slated to start at 1 pm. Expect Flaxo and the Chainsmokers to open, as we reported earlier.

The theme this year is #throwbacchanal—a pun which we give a hearty B minus. This announcement comes after the annual Battle of the Bands ceremony was abruptly cancelled due to issues with holding the event in the Beta house. Instead, students are able to vote in Lerner for the band they want to open. Links to the contending groups’ music are included on the Facebook event page as well as in a Bwog article from earlier this week.

As with every year, please rejoice/bitch in the comments.

Dear Columbia Student Body,

The Bacchanal executive board, along with Airbnb, is pleased to announce the performers for this year’s Spring Concert, #THROWBACCHANAL. Get excited for a lineup that includes Grammy-award winning rapper Lupe Fiasco, #SELFIE kings The Chainsmokers, and Campus DJ’s first-ever “Top College DJ” Flaxo, as well as an as-yet-to-be-determined student opener.

In addition to the performers, #THROWBACCHANAL will also feature food trucks and water fountains. The concert will take place on Low Steps on Saturday, April 12, 2014 and doors are tentatively scheduled to open at 1:00 PM. As usual, attendance to the Spring Concert is limited to Columbia affiliates only and there will be security measures announced closer to the date.


The Bacchanal Executive Board

Names after the jump.

Annual Ceremony Unceremoniously Cancelled

Around noon, today, Bacchanal announced that its Battle of the Bands, to determine one of the #THROWBACCHANAL openers, was a no-go.


A comment promised: “There will still be a student opener to be decided upon by online form. Stay updated to fill out the form and decide who will be your student opener!” Fair enough; no student-run organization is perfect. Then we received this very sad tip:

I’m having a shit day. My name is Adam Gower (real name Ziyad Abdelfattah, CC ’15). I produce original electronic music, and was slated to perform at Bacchanal’s Battle of the Bands, a cherished annual ceremony which has now been unceremoniously cancelled.

Specifically, Bacchanal didn’t reserve the Party Space (could be a legit reason for this but I don’t know), forcing them to use Beta’s basement, and then Beta didn’t actually register the event. Voting for the student opener will now be by online form, which frankly makes it even easier for the committee to just pick their favorite and nobody is going to end up listening to all the bands.

What this is all leading to is, I was excited about this because my music is relatively new on campus and I thought more people could hear it. So if you ever feel like running one of your artist profile articles, I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

So, in the spirit of the enjoyment of music and not making it “easier for the committee to just pick their favorite,” check out Adam Gower’s (and other scheduled performers’) music below. If you’re part of another student band that was going to perform tonight, send us a tip or comment below, and we’ll include a sample of your music in the post. We’re also reaching out to Bacchanal for a comment.

Jump for some SoundCloud

Tonight’s 4/20 Outdoor Activity

What better way to celebrate this gorgeous Saturday, April the 20th, than by watching a film with your fellow students? One of Bacchanal’s slightly less well-known events — the annual 4/20 movie screening — is happening tonight, and the entertainment of choice is, appropriately, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Bacchanal’s advertising some free popcorn and fruit, so head over to the Low Steps at 8 p.m. for some gratis snacks and throwback times. Stressbusters will be giving free massages during the movie (!!!) and there’s the promise of Korilla on College Walk until 8 p.m. Unlike last year’s balmy weather, tonight’s forecast is in the mid-50s, so bundle up; maybe light some fires to stay warm.

Party Testimonial: Bacchanal
Part of a healthy breakfast

Part of a healthy breakfast

Bacchanal is a pretty unusual time for Columbia students. To document the event, an anonymous student tells us about his first experience with the legendary day in our first Party Testimonial.  If you have a particularly epic party moment specific to Columbia, email it in to tips@bwog.com.

Like too many things at Columbia University, my Bacchanal experience was a teachable moment.

I learned how to combat sleepiness.

With alcohol.

I learned that orange juice should only be had

With alcohol.

I learned that I love everybody


The following recount of Bacchanal is a first-hand experience, as recounted to me from various friends and family.

(Note to self: do not text your family pictures of your pregame. Or do. It’s a free world.)

8 am: Wake up in room. Shower. Treasure your ability to think in a coherent manner.

9 am: High-five your friends. Yeah college! You’re doing it right! And your friends back home thought you were a loser. Commence to eat pizza that you bought the night before, (check 6 pizzas.)

9:12 am:  Remark that you just had four shots in 12 minutes. They were Jell-O shots though, so it doesn’t count, because if it tastes good, it isn’t alcohol.

This is only the beginning…

Baccha-No: A Tribute
go team

Your commitment inspires us

While most students were able to have a wonderfully fun time at Bacchanal on Saturday, others were left out.  Bwog dedicates this post to those students who voluntarily missed “the only day Columbia acts like a real school” for Columbia-related commitments.  If you were on a team or group who had to skip the concerts, leave your info in the comments and know that Bwog salutes you.

  • Uptown Local, Columbia’s ultimate frisbee club team, was picked up by vans at 7:10 am on Saturday and returned to campus at around 8 pm after competing in the Metro NY College Open Conference Championship tournament.  How do they feel about missing Bacchanal? “It was balls.”  But the tournament ended on Sunday and they placed 3rd, qualifying for Metro East Regionals!
  • Track missed Bacchanal for a meet at West Point, but our source says they didn’t really mind missing the concerts because they were excited to be competing against members of the Army.
  • The women’s lacrosse team had an away game against Yale.  The game was scheduled for 3 pm and they returned to campus at around 9.  “Obviously all the festivities were over…”  According to CUAthletics, “the game was part of a two-game charity event held at Long Island’s Oceanside High School by Lax Loves Long Island as part of a Hurricane Sandy Relief event.”
  • The women’s soccer team had a few scrimmages on Saturday, keeping them away from celebrating Bacchanal.
  • The men’s lightweight rowing team competed at the Dodge Cup against Yale and Penn in Philly on Saturday morning.  They couldn’t pass Yale, the second lightweight team in the nation, but damn it they beat Penn.  Meanwhile in Ridgefield Park, NJ the men’s heavyweight team fought to upset Princeton in the 103rd Childs Cup regatta.
  • Barnard Dances at Miller had a performance at 2 pm, so most dancers could not go to Bacchanal.  Some made it to the concert but had to leave by 12:15, before Macklemore came onstage.
  • In the most devastating turn, the softball team had two games against Cornell–home games, just 100 blocks north of the Debacchery.  To make it count they triumphantly won both games, including a 7-0 shutout in the second.

All hands on deck via Shutterstock


A roundup of lawl-worthy moments from Bacchanal:

Memorable (or maybe not so memorable since most of you won’t remember yesterday) quotes:

“Did you hear that mosh pitting perfectly mimics random particles in a box?”

“I really have to pee and take 4 shots!”

“That five year old doesn’t have a CUID!”

Drunk GS students outside Lewisohn heckling people going in to pee: “NOW you want to go to Lewisohn! NOW you love GS!”

And the breakout star of Bacchanal, Fountain Girl:


Pictures and quotes via our lovely tipsters



Bwoogilines; Bacchanal Edishun

HAI GUISE! ur Friendy daliy here. ALLll I want to say is that u should send us ALLLL your pics, tips, and Cray Cray videoos of today! Send them to tips@bwog.com !

All you need to no in the world is down therr:

Set times
Morningsiders 11:00 – 11:45
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 12:00 – 1:00
Flosstradamus 1:30 – 2:30
Red Bull Truck – 9:00 – 4:00

Pics shuld look liek dis:

EDIT: Photos and stuff… 4Loko out


“Did you hear that mosh pitting perfectly mimics random particles in a box?”

“I really have to pee and take 4 shots!”

“it’s not like a rapper I want to see, it’s just two white assholes”

“Thanks for letting me come to your school on a Saturday and dry hump your women”

“Community college had this suit down like that. Come on! Do not grab his penis.
Talking about his raccoon coat”

“The worst thing about these crowds is they make me sober”




Pregame with Bwog: Sleep Optional
Pregaming gone a little too hard

Pregaming gone a little too hard

This year’s earlier Bacchanal timing has necessitated different preparation plans than usual among spring celebrants. New plans abound, from kegs & eggs to Absolute & Absolut. To inspire you for tonight/tomorrow, we share one pumped-up student’s particular plan of action, as told to Bwog below. Bwog is taking a page from Jackass and warning you: do not try this at home (especially if you’re underage).  And with that, we’re signing off for the day — till tomorrow, bright and early!

Friday afternoon:

4 p.m: Go to International. Prepare in advance: nighttime liquors, daytime liquors.

Friday evening/Saturday morning:

6 or 7 p.m: Go to sleep at around 6, or as early as you can manage. That means if you’re reading this right now, you should already be sleeping.

1 a.m: Wake up. Get dressed. Go to 1020.

3/4 a.m: Stay until last call. Get kicked out. Snag a few drinks for the road.

6:20 a.m: Watch sunrise while drinking on the roof of an unspecified building. Our drinking correspondent recommended a shot an hour in between 1020 and this phase, but Bwog may already have passed out.


9 a.m: Begin drunch (dreakfast?). When Bwog questioned about another catnap before drunch, our correspondent scoffed at us.

11 a.m: Bacchanal, or your regularly scheduled raging and tipping pictures/overheards/overseens to Bwog.

3 p.m: A final celebratory drink, then an intense group power nap.

9 p.m: Wake up. Get dressed. Go to 1020 out.

Got a better plan to sustain yourself and your compatriots?

Drunken freedom via Shutterstock

Bwog Asked: How Do You Feel About Bacchanal?
He's looking at your answers and judging them.

He’s looking at your answers and judging you.

So… Bacchanal is coming up. It’s headlined as we all know by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, also featuring Flosstradamus and Morningsiders. Another thing: it starts at 11am. How do people feel about all this? Well, your trusty Bwog braved Butler in a quest for answers. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Girl in elevator: “I have a dance performance at 2 that day so… I mean I’m a little bummed I can’t make it, but I think all of us in the dance department are just like “eh, it’s a thing that happens.”
  • Boy with accent in 6th floor hallway: “I don’t know what that is! But I’ll google it later.”
  • Butler smoker: “Not excited about Macklemore, have never heard of Ryan Lewis; I’m a huge trap fan so Flosstradaumus is good, but they really could have stepped it up with the hip hop.”
  • Girl: “My thesis is due tomorrow so I have no thoughts about anything else.”
  • Girl in 209: “So excited!!! I’ll be there at 6 am!!!!”
  • Girl in 209: “Partying people. That’s all I know.”
  • Guy in Ref Room: “I wish it was Vampire Weekend, or Phoenix, or something, but it’ll do.”
  • Unfazed guy in all black: “My brother is in high school and gives more of a shit than I do.”
  • Girl applying makeup in the bathroom for 20 minutes despite head to toe Columbia sweat gear: “Don’t have time to think about it until at least Wednesday.”
  • Quiet guy in front of cafe: “Disappointed, I wanted A$AP Rocky…”
  • Guy near cafe:”I’m excited, the lineup is pretty good. But I don’t like how they tricked us by saying Macklemore wasn’t going to play and stuff.”
  • Friendly guy: “I think it’s gonna be… I wish it wasn’t so early. It’s gonna be hard to drink so early. But I think that makes it funnier.”
  • Guy on 3rd floor in passing: “Pumpppeeddd upppp!!!” (as he was walking away)
  • Girl with headphones: “I mean I’m excited but I wish it was starting later. But I’m still excited.”
  • Guy in a hurry: “I’m really excited… I love Morningsiders… probably because I’m in Morningsiders… the more people like Macklemore the more will come watch us so I guess I like him too!”

The headliner via Wikimedia Commons

ActHop: Lubeen

In the latest dispatch from Bwog’s multimedia unit, we catch up with rap artist Lubeen (aka John Lubeen Hamilton CC’13) as he gets ready to open for Hoodie Allen this Tuesday (it’s in Roone, doors are at 6pm). We talk Clams Casino, Queens, and Columbia [spirit [, or lackthereof]].

Lubeen graciously stuck around to spit a few more sultry rhymes for us.

Special thanks to Columbia Undergraduate Film Productions for providing sound equipment.