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Despite campus-wide rumors, it appears Bacchanal has been approved for the coming year. This news comes with the official announcement of the incoming Bacchanal board.

While we are sure much can be made of the return of Ben Kornick as Co-President, and though we are certain the administration will handle this upcoming year with anything but tact, empathy, or understanding of human behavior, today, we at Bwog raise our chosen beverage (and/or paraphernalia) in salute to Alma and the coming year.

Via the official Bacchanal Facebook page:

We are excited to introduce our 2015-2016 Bacchanal Executive Board and announce that we have been officially been approved to hold next year’s spring concert, Bacchanal 2016! We are looking forward to planning the show and working to make it better than ever. We would like to thank our 2014-2015 Bacchanal Executive Board, and of course, thank all of you for supporting us throughout the year. Good luck on finals, enjoy all the wonderful opportunities to see live concerts, and have a great summer, Columbia!
2015-2016 Bacchanal Executive Board
Co-President – Benjamin Kornick
Co-President – Jared Weiss
Concert Chair – Tyler Allen
Concert Chair – Nza-Ari Khepra
Publicity Chair – Madeline Kim
Treasurer – Vivi Hyacinthe
Secretary – Simi Olagundoye
Outreach Chair – Michal Ashkenazi
Safety Chair – Jesse Van Marter
Tech Chair – Renetta Walcott



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We need teamwork, people

GSSC is joining the group

At their Tuesday night general body meeting, the General Studies Student Council debated ABC’s proposal to turn the Bacchanal Committee into a group under the auspices of the VPs of Finance from the four undergraduate student councils, the same proposal that was debated last week at CCSC. GSSC President Peter Nason said that the proposal made the Bacchanal a “de-facto seventh line-item” in governing board allocations. Neither ESC nor SGA voted on this proposal this week.

Nason justified the proposal by saying that the Bacchanal Committee had been a “headache” before, so it was right to reform it. He also suggested that if the proposal didn’t work next year, the Bacchanal Committee could be run completely under the student councils, like Glass House Rocks.

The council approved the proposal with three changes. First, the Bacchanal Committee has to get 3/4ths approval of the four VPs (CCSC made the same revision). Second, the VPs of Finance have 48 hours to approve expenditure requests or significant changes by the Bacchanal Committee (CCSC voted for a 24 hour limit, and Nason suggested this discrepancy could be worked out at a later date).

The third alteration was to make it explicit in the proposal that the Bacchanal Committee had to get approval for decisions on “revenue sources and ticketing.” The council debated this change for a while, with Usenator Katherine Sotano arguing that language that was too broad in the proposal could cause the Bacchanal Committee to make ticketing changes that would hurt GSSC, and Nason arguing that changing the proposal too much could make ABC or the Bacchanal Committee to pull out. However, most of this argument dealt with adding a possible fifth bullet point on the list of the Bacchanal Committee’s duties, and an alteration instead of the first bullet point seemed to satisfy both council members.

The proposal will be negotiated further among the four councils, although they want to have a finished proposal before F@CU (the end-of-year allocations to the six governing boards).


  • GS won money for its student council because of its high participation in the Quality of Life Survey. If GSSC can get the money this semester, they are considering using it to fund snack attacks and using the money saved on snack attacks to fund a Shabbat dinner in the GS lounge.
  • Sotano’s initiative to improve the Dodge Gym is trying to get functional fitness equipment (a type of fitness equipment, not merely ones that work).
  • VP of Policy Elizabeth Heyman is making a survey to find out when it is best to have shuttles to JFK during finals.



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"Bacchanal is not a mystery to be solved, but a reality to be shut down"

“Bacchanal is not a mystery to be solved, but a reality to be shut down”

Just as our livers have recovered and the fuzzy memories have completely left our minds, the legacy of Bacchanal still looms over our campus, and the deans get the final word. Devoted student government aficionado Joe Milholland makes last night’s CCSC meeting as clear for you as a two-lined fortune.

In a few weeks, the four deans of the undergraduate colleges will meet, according to CCSC President Peter Bailinson, to discuss what they saw during Bacchanal and how the event should proceed in the future.

On Sunday night, the Columbia College Student Council discussed and approved a proposal for their vision of Bacchanal in the future. The proposal retains the Bacchanal Committee but makes all funding decisions go through the VPs of Finance for the four undergrad councils.

The proposal says that budget decisions have to be approved by at least three of the four VPs, and the committee would have to preform mandatory check-ins and e-mail updates with the VPs. The VPs have 24 hours to approve expenditure proposals they receive from the committee, although there is no formal method of holding them accountable, and council members acknowledged that the time frame is not strict. Current VP of Finance Michael Li acknowledged it is “not very clear” what the financing process would look like.

The council spent some time debating whether the proposal would require VPs of Finance to reply to expenditure proposals in 24 or 48 hours. Bacchanal Co-President Ben Kornick said that he preferred 24 hours, noting that the Bacchanal Committee lost out on their top choice last year by 12 hours. Li noted that the if the VPs were not responsive, the committee would be able to mass-email the whole council to get them to respond.

However, GSSC President Peter Nason, in the audience that night, said that the 48-hour limit makes more sense because of the difficulties of rounding people up, especially on weekends, and he believed that GSSC would not approve the proposal with a 24 hour limit. Nason mentioned that his council initially considered “zero-funding” the Bacchanal Committee unless it adopted a Glass House Rocks model. The council voted to amend the proposal to a 24 hour limit, but Usenator Marc Heinrich noted the time limits were just “general guidelines.”


  • A Town Hall on the Rules of Conduct is on Friday. According to Heinrich, the committee has opted to move away from an external process and towards an internal process. The first level of the internal process would have a judicial board with one student, one faculty member, one admin, and 2 open spots. The appeals level would consist of “neutral deans” – deans from schools other than the person under trial.
  • VP of Policy Sejal Singh said that there were some things that students could focus their input on for the Rules of Conduct proposal, such as the 2 open spots on the judicial board, how judicial proceedings can become public, and whether journalists reporting but not participating can be prosecuted. Heinrich said that while no such caveat for the media exists in the real world, it’s typically easier to identify who’s part of the press and who’s not.
  • Heinrich and Balinson are reaching out to the registrar over concerns about exams next fall semester, which officially end on December 23. Balinson says that while the date is unlikely to change, they’re looking to change dates in the future.
  • Singh is trying to secure easy-to-access writing center appointments for economically disadvantaged students through a process similar to appointments for international students.
  • Porter noted that she has a plan to open JJ’s place to 1am on weekends but close it from 12 to 5 on two weekdays. Executive Director Vicki Dunn wants her to poll students to see if they approve in this change of hours.
  • Student Services Rep Chris Godshall says that Housing has a plan to provide students with online access to the New York Times for $10 a semester.

What the four deans cracked open via Shutterstock



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Was it worth it?

Was it worth it?

This year’s Spring Bacchanal was doomed to mediocrity from the start. Henry Litwhiler explores why.

Of over 10,000 undergraduate students at Columbia, a total of 6,000 could have been given legitimate access to this year’s Bacchanal. Of those 6,000 spots, perhaps 5,000 were actually reserved by students, and fewer than 3,000 of them were present at any time during Big Sean’s headliner act. The result was an event that lacked any vestige of coherence or community, monopolized upwards of ten hours and a good slice of campus for the enjoyment of the few and the quiet inebriation of the many, and was more a showcase of the toxicity of campus culture than the ability of Columbia students to come together in a day of carefree enjoyment.

A False Start

In the weeks and months after Bacchanal 2014, members of the Bacchanal planning committee coordinated with the Activities Board (ABC), the undergraduate student councils, and the administration’s Office of Student Engagement (OSE) in an effort to host the first ever Fall Bacchanal. These efforts came to fruition on May 15th, when the OSE approved the event and reserved Low Plaza for September 14th. Over the next two months, the Bacchanal Planning Committee signed contracts with three performers, receiving approval for each from “administrators in the Office of Student Engagement.”

Three weeks after OSE approved the final performer’s contract, Bacchanal Co-President Ben Kornick was informed by OSE and Student Life that the four undergraduate deans had met and decided to cancel the event. A press release published by Bacchanal after the event’s cancellation says that the deans had vaguely cited concerns about binge drinking and sexual assault, though the deans would later rather dubiously try to distance themselves from the latter.

A tug-of-war ensued between various student organizations and the deans’ offices, with much of the dialogue centering around the $55,000 in cancellation fees that would be incurred by breaking the performers’ contracts. ABC, CCSC, GSSC, SGA, ESC, and a plethora of other alphabet soup student organizations suggested changes in event structure and the imposition of various safeguards, but on August 8th the undergraduate deans told the Bacchanal board that the cancellation was final and that, further, Spring Bacchanal was being placed under review. The only consolation was that the deans themselves would come up with the $55,000, sparing ABC et al. the financial consequences.

Read on for a thorough tallying of the blame.



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Can't spell su(cess with out (a)ccess!

Can’t spell success with out (a)ccess!

Joe Milholland makes the latest on CCSC accessible to you! 

On Sunday night, three students with disabilities visited the council to discuss problems with accessibility on campus. Their problems:

  • A lack of accessibility information in CCSC emails about events. One student pointed to the direction for the Columbia University Powwow as an example of good accessibility info.
  • At events, when there is a line of people, those running the event often do not make the line accessible.
  • Events on campus, like the President of Afghanistan’s recent talk, can limit accessibility excessively.
  • Some student groups that need to meet in accessible places can’t.
  • Weather conditions have closed off Butler ramps a lot.
  • NSOP lacks disability access or information, a difficulty especially hard for new students.
  • Commencement and its set-up limit accessibility on campus.
  • A major problem are the elevators that take students from the lower to higher parts of campus and which are often off limits. The Office of Disability Services, or any other part of Columbia’s administration, do not notify students about changes to accessibility on-campus; instead, students have to notify the office themselves.
  • All three of the students said they had either skipped classes or put themselves at risk to get to classes.

Several council members at the meeting said they were interested in joining a task force about accessibility on campus.

Bacchanal still isn’t over



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To get you ready for the bacchanal that is Bacchanal, CUSS has produced a reading of Big Sean’s biggest hit. Before you know it, little stupid ass bitch, you’re gonna be singing along with the rest of’em. Find CUSS on facebook, for sneak previews, videos, and more.

Dramatic Reading of Big Sean’s IDFWU from Bwog on Vimeo.



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In about 24 hours, most of Columbia will begin celebrating the blessed holy day of Bacchanal. To give you a soundtrack to your pregame, we bring you the (un)official playlist featuring the three big acts of the day—Big Sean, Brenmar, and Raury. By listening to this, you might actually know a couple of songs by Brenmar and Raury, or another Big Sean song other than “I Don’t Fuck With You.” Get into the Bacchanal spirit and enjoy.



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Drank in our cups

Drank in our cups

Now that we’ve helped prepare you to survive this year’s Bacchanal, you will know regular cocktails will not suffice. Bwog brings you Bacchtails. 

$7 Sling

  • 1oz gin
  • 1/2oz grenadine
  • 2oz sweet & sour mix
  • 2oz club soda

Serve this one over ice to only 4,000 of your closest, financially-able companions.

Kornick Sour

  • 1oz sake
  • Dash of lemon juice
  • Dash of agave
  • 2 slices of grapefruit
  • 2 dashes green Tabasco
  • 35 angry Facebook comment
  • 8 unfollows on Twitter
  • 2 death threats

I Don’t Fuck With Empty Calories You

  • 1oz vodka
  • 1oz tequila
  • 1oz rum
  • 1oz gin
  • 1oz triple sec
  • 1.5oz sweet & sour mix
  • Splash of Coke zero

For those unlucky students with Lawn tickets, we recommend making two servings: one for you and one for the security officer preventing your entry onto Low steps!

(Ariana) Grande Mocha Frap

  • 1 grande Starbucks mocha Frappuccino
  • 2oz Bailey’s Irish Cream whiskey

And for those of you that cannot partake in vodka…



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Such friends! Much party!

Such friends! Much party!

Saturday is finally the day that most students dream about as they drool on their laptop after falling asleep at 2 AM in ButCaf—Bacchanal! One Bwogger brings you a guide to survive the best day of the year as a Columbia student and actually have a memorable experience (depending on whether or not you can actually remember the day.)

The night before Bacchanal:

  • It’s probably best to not go out and go hard the night before. You’re going to want to be fresh and alive starting early on Saturday, and the quickest way to ruin your day is to suffer through a hangover on the way to your first pregame. Tuck yourself into bed with a few episodes of Friends early to ensure pleasant dreams and copious amounts of rest.
  • Pop your Jell-O shots and other libations in the fridge to chill down. Jell-O shots will be ready to go in the morning if you make them the night before. Also, nobody wants to drink warm vodka. Roll a couple blunts while you’re at it.
  • Pick up your room and hide your valuables if you’re hosting a pregame tomorrow. Drunk people are kleptos and someone is bound to steal your shit if you don’t hide it.
  • Put together your Bacchanal playlist on Spotify (aka put the new Big Sean album on with the couple of songs you know by Raury and Brenmar.)
  • Lay out your flower crown, high-wasted shorts, flag of choice, and most revealing crop-top/bro-tank so you can roll out of bed and easily find your attire for the day.

The morning of Bacchanal:

  • Grab some crappy white t-shirt you only wear to bed and head over to Holi! Holi will begin 11 AM in East Campus, so make sure to take a few swigs of sweet nectar from the Gods (aka a mimosa) and head over to get covered in paint. Pro-tip: have your towel and shower caddy ready so you can sprint to the shower first and get a stall while they’re open. All dorm bathrooms will immediately become a war-zone of paint and dirty clothes by 11:30 AM at the latest. Put your phone on the charger while you shower so you don’t end up with a dead phone come time to Snapchat Big Sean to all of your friends.
  • Pick up your wrist band! We’ve been told that it’s smartest to just pick up your wrist band when Bacchanal starts handing them out around 10 AM. Pick them up early so you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day/battle the long lines right before performers go on.
  • Pace thyself, young grasshopper. You’ll probably be partaking in some good fun throughout the day, so don’t end up going hard all morning and pass out at noon. Nobody wants to drag your drunk ass home before the fun even begins.
  • Eat. RA’s will probably be shoving bagels in your face like last year, but make sure you take some time to actually carbo-load in the morning. Soak up that cheap vodka with something filling around mid-day so you don’t end up passing out/not making it to the actual event.
  • Start hopping to and from all of the pregames you were invited to. It’s totally chill to hang out with the same group all day, but most people end up bouncing around dorm rooms and drinking other people’s alcohol. Take a buddy with you. The buddy rule will be essential today so you don’t end up crying out in front of your dorm because you can’t find Samantha!!!!

How to handle the actual concert next.



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"This crown will look perfect in my instagram pic!

“This crown will look perfect in my instagram pic!”

Party girl Briana Bursten knows how to get down like it is 1999, and Bacchanal will be no exception. As an experienced concert goer, she is sharing her wealth of knowledge on how to ensure a fun time for you and everyone around you this weekend!  

Did you know that Bacchanal is approaching this weekend? Because I sure as hell didn’t!!! However, now that I am aware that a significant amount of people will be flocking to Low Steps and/or the lawns to watch an obscure independent music artist by the name of “Big Sean” this coming Saturday, I am compiling a list that details perfect Bacchanal etiquette. Follow the tips below from a first-year seasoned Bacchanal attendee to ensure that you’re the best audience member Alma has ever seen.

  • Post a pic on Instagram and/or add to your Snapchat story every single minute!- Honestly, waving an electronic device in the air so no one behind you can see the actual performer/people are forced to watch a mere recording of the concert is the best way to make new friends. Also, it is encouraged that you post to your numerous social media platforms via an iPad! It may be Apple’s forgotten device, but Steve Jobs himself actually said that it’s the perfect Bacchanal accessory.
  • Cry about losing your friends! Or your cell phone! Or your iPad! Or all the above!- Crying is the best way to show that you care, so when you inevitably lose everything valuable to you during the concert, shed a few tears. Everyone will stop to help you GUARANTEED.
  • Get on your buddy’s shoulders and cascade a flag of a random country around your body!- Bacchanal? Ultra? What’s the difference, anyway?! As if the iPad in the air wasn’t already enough to make friends with the people behind you, I guarantee that throwing yourself in the air in the name of patriotism is the best way to garner positive attention.
  • Scream “OMG! This song is my JAM!!” whenever a new song is performed!- Once you declare this statement, everyone will stop, listen, and evaluate your musical opinions. YOU are the expert, after all.
  • Drunkenly ash your cigarette on your friend’s forehead!- Bacchanal falls during Easter weekend this year, so celebrate Ash Wednesday a lil late and ash your drunkenly-consumed cigarette on your BFF’s forehead. Your friend will definitely appreciate your Holi (lol) homage.
  • Ask the people next to you if they have *insert substance here*- Show the world that you know how to party! Responsibly!
  • Yell out “Freebird!” every time a new performer takes the stage!- 9/10 times Raury, Big Sean, or that other dude will channel their inner Lynyrd Skynyrd and honor your individual song request.



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Fresh gear

Fresh gear

Presumably in response to outrage over the allocation of $20,000 — $25,000 in additional funds to provide for added security and other services on the Butler lawns during Bacchanal, Vice President for Public Safety James McShane has put out an email explaining how the funds received by Public Safety will be put to use.

The text of the email is as follows:

Dear all,

As we come up on this weekend’s The Bacchanal, Columbia University Public Safety has been hard at work ensuring that the event is as safe and orderly as possible. To this end, we have requested that various student government organizations contribute funds to cover any budget gaps we at Public Safety may encounter.

Among the chief targets of this additional funding are overtime salaries for officers and administrative staff. Also, in response to concerns expressed over the last year by Deans Valentini and Boyce, Public Safety will be investing in updated equipment for verifying the sobriety of students in the concert areas. This will ensure a sober and comfortable community experience for all attendees.

Pursuant to 20 U.S.C. § 1092(f), University policy, and the requests of various campus organizations, we are providing the Columbia community with a detailed account of how this extra funding will be spent. Please see the attached document. Alternatively, please see the following link:

[redacted; document reproduced below]

Columbia University
Department of Public Safety

Spring 2015 Bacchanal Auxiliary Security and Suppression Allocations

$817.11 — PEPPER (GROUND)
$323.00 — PEPPER (SPRAY)
$300.00 — THREE HUNNA

Thank you.


James F. McShane
Vice President for Public Safety
Columbia University
Low Library, Rm. 101
Mail Code 4301
535 W. 116th Street
New York, New York 10027

Prescience via Shutterstock



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This afternoon, CCSC released a press release stating the council would pay up to $11,164 for 2,000 additional students to attend Bacchanal on top of the original ticket sales earlier this month. This payment would also open the West Lawn and the Butler Lawn to allow for students to stand during the concert. The 2,000 lawn tickets will be distributed for free to students. Last night, ESC also approved their own funds to help pay for the additional tickets.

In addition to the decision to open the lawns, CCSC voted against paying for the refund of the tickets already sold to students as the council found it “fiscally irresponsible.” The other councils, including SGA and ESC, will pay for the refund with the addition of a loan from ABC. Nonetheless, all students who paid for a ticket will be refunded, and they will have the option to keep their ticket or release their ticket for a lawn ticket.

Update, 6:10 pm: ABC has released a statement explaining they will not require Bacchanal to redistribute tickets. Further, ABC will front the Bacchanal committee’s debt incurred this Spring. In exchange for the funds, ABC requires Bacchanal to immediately begin paying off any debt exceeding $30,000 next year. ABC will allow for Bacchanal to pay off the $30,000 over the course of five years. The statement also requires increased communication between ABC and Bacchanal in the future.

Update, March 28, 3:20 pm: Barnard SGA has also voted to contribute funds to the additional security funds and the opening of the lawns, and they released a statement this afternoon detailing their position on this year’s Bacchanal.  They will provide a total of $12,885.65, in ratio with the funds provided by the other student councils. You can read their full statement after the jump.

Read the councils’ statements below the jump.



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img March 26, 20155:14 pmimg 24 Comments

The Spectator reported on a proposal sent to the Undergraduate Student Councils this morning. ESC has just released an official response approving the proposal and funding a subsidy to help with the costs of opening the lawns and hiring safety personnel. The full text of the ESC proposal is included below. Post will be updated with additional Student Council Responses if and when they are released.

Regarding the Engineering Student Council Vote on the March 26th Bacchanal Proposal

Over the past several months, the Bacchanal Committee has worked to put together the spring concert on April 4th. As students on campus are well aware, the Bacchanal Committee chose to charge for tickets to attend this event. Combined with the event capacity of 4,000 persons, this decision has caused a large subset of the student body to feel that they have been unfairly shut out of a campus-­wide event.

Through a series of discussions with Student Engagement, Facilities, Public Safety, and other administrative parties, representatives from all four councils and the Activities Board at Columbia have worked with the Bacchanal Committee to make the event more open and accessible to students on campus.

The most recent proposal, finalized early in the morning on March 26th, involves opening the West Lawn and the Butler Lawn for an additional 2,000 tickets. Along with the roughly 300 tickets remaining from the main audience area, this allows up to 6,000 students to attend Bacchanal. We consider this to be a significant improvement over the status quo. Current ticket holders will be refunded, and will also have the option to release their ticket and attempt to get a lawn ticket. It is not currently expected that students will be able to hold both a standard and a lawn ticket.

However, this plan is expensive. Our current estimates are that the total cost of the Bacchanal event to the student body will be approximately $160,000, which represents 151% of the allocation that Bacchanal received from the Activities Board at Columbia. In particular, it constitutes an additional council subsidy of $54,000 over the original allocation.
After a general body vote, ESC has decided to fund this subsidy with a vote of (21 for, 3 against, 6 abstain) in ratio. This works out to $8,248.84 from the SEAS student body, or $5.20 per student.

This decision does not constitute an official ESC endorsement of the circumstances that have necessitated this subsidy, nor does it imply that ESC will be willing to continue funding Bacchanal at the same level in the future. We do not take this decision lightly, and we feel that it is the option that best benefits the undergraduate engineering population at Columbia.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the executive board via email at

Best regards,
Engineering Student Council



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img March 12, 20159:53 pmimg 46 Comments

Barnard SGA and General Studies Student Council have released separate resolutions about Spring Bacchanal. The resolution calls for the Bacchanal board to redistribute and refund all 4,000 tickets sold earlier this week for the concert. The board should then redistribute the tickets at no cost and in staggered blocks to students while still maintaining a cap on attendance. In a joint effort between several student government groups and the Activities Board at Columbia, the resolution ultimately aims to reduce the financial cost students faced in acquiring tickets to the concert. To help alleviate Bacchanal’s security costs, SGA and GSSC have agreed to pay $10,000 to the board. Read the full text of the resolution below.

Barnard’s Student Government Association (SGA) has put forth a resolution to address the various concerns that have been raised by students surrounding this year’s spring Bacchanal concert. The release of this year’s Bacchanal tickets and the notice of the cost of tickets were only received by a section of the student body. In addition, charging $7 per ticket and an additional Eventbrite fee further limited ticket sales to only those who could afford to buy a ticket. Students who either could not afford to purchase a ticket or who were not alerted to the opening of ticket sales were automatically excluded from attending Bacchanal. While we understand that Bacchanal is a limited entry event, this resolution provides an alternative in the spirit of community and fairness to every student who wishes to attend. Therefore, SGA urges the refund and staggered redistribution of all purchased tickets to this year’s Bacchanal so as to ensure that students across the four undergraduate colleges have equal opportunity to obtain the redistributed tickets at no cost to this undergraduate wide campus event. It is our hope that the Bacchanal Committee as well as other undergraduate student councils will move forward and act on this resolution. All questions should be emailed to the SGA Executive Board at


WHEREAS Bacchanal is a well-attended event that has become a crucial part of the
undergraduate community at Columbia, with thousands of students attending each Spring;

WHEREAS Bacchanal has never before sold tickets to the student body, nor restricted access
for undergraduate students;

WHEREAS the decision to sell tickets to the student body was not known to the student body
until a very short time before the ticket sales began;

WHEREAS all 4,000 tickets available for sale were sold within the first day of ticket sales, and that there is a desire on campus for more tickets;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the Bacchanal Committee has had new constraints and
requirements placed upon them, including (but not limited to)

•The requirement to ticket the event,
•The event venue capacity limit of 4,000 students,
•The requirement to ensure that the event does not coincide with Days on Campus,
•The requirement to have “Lion Tamers” as active bystanders within the crowd,
•Increased booking difficulties due to the cancellation of Fall Bacchanal, and resultant loss of music industry trust,
•Increased security- and safety-focused measures at the event,
and that such constraints and requirements are likely to result in increased costs for the event, potentially exceeding the $106,000 that is allocated to Bacchanal by the Activities Board at Columbia;

LET IT BE RESOLVED that, the General Studies Student Council and Barnard SGA agree to cover their share, in ratio, of up to $10,000 in additional security and safety-related costs
for the Bacchanal event, under the following conditions:
• The 4,000 students who have purchased tickets to the event are refunded the money thatthey have paid for their tickets
• The 4,000 tickets will be re-released at a price of $0 to the student body in staggered blocks after March 22, 2015, with the times and quantities of each release advertised three days before the first release to the under- graduate student body
• Those who purchased a Bacchanal crew-neck sweater may receive a refund if they return their sweater
• If the final costs of the event exceed the Bacchanal allocation and revenues with the grant described above, the costs will be paid for by a five-year lien against the Bacchanal allocation in future years equal to the difference LET IT BE FURTHER RESOLVED that the two councils, in conjunction with ABC, will pursue further discussions with the Bacchanal Committee and relevant administrators to determine a sustainable plan for the success of future concerts, especially with respect to the scheduled date, the venue capacity limit, the costs of the event, and other logistical details


Activities Board at Columbia
Barnard Student Government Association
General Studies Student Council


Tony Lee, President, ABC
Pascale Dugue, Vice President of Finance, SGA
Ian Elliot, Vice President of Finance, GSSC
Michael Li, Vice President of Finance, CCSC
Robert Ying, Vice President of Finance, ESC
Peter Bailinson, Student Body President, CCSC
Peter Nason, Student Body President, GSSC
Julia Qian, Student Body President, SGA
Brian Wu, Student Body President, ESC

Last Updated: March 12, 2015 9:45pm

Read ABC and GSSC’s separate statements here.

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Tonight, the Bacchanal committee issued a press release in regards to the religious conflicts with the date for this year’s spring concert. In response to many students complaints about the concert date falling on the weekend of Passover and Easter, the Board responded by saying the date was the only option given graduation set up the weekend following Days on Campus. The date has been just one of the handful of student complaints, including the ticket charge and capped attendance at this year’s Bacchanal. See the full statement below.

After the cancellation of Fall Bacchanal, the Bacchanal executive board met with the deans of the four undergraduate schools to hear their concerns and ensure the continued existence of Spring Bacchanal. During this meeting, it was made very clear that all of the deans’ requests had to be met in order to guarantee that the concert would take place. One such request from the administration was that Bacchanal should not fall on the scheduled Days on Campus. Bacchanal has historically coincided with this date, but this year it was made clear that a change was necessary. The following Saturday after the original date, April 18th, was not an option due to graduation set up. As a result, April 4th was chosen. Our executive board members constitute several faiths, including those affected by this year’s concert scheduling. We understand how holy these days are. We by no means intended to undermine their importance, but rather, took any action necessary simply to ensure that the concert would even take place. After a successful show this coming April, the board hopes to work with campus partners to ensure this scheduling does not happen again next year.

The Bacchanal Executive Board

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