Yet another Monday. Fall Break is behind us, and Thanksgiving is still a while away. Seems like a fairly innocuous week, doesn’t it? Little do you know your every minute is latent with meaning. This relatively arbitrary sequence of November days is playing host to not one, but at least five separate “Week of…” events. We have dubbed it the “Week of Weeks,” and we urge you to read on to discover all that you have to see and do during these coming days.

roman calendar

This is probably what your iCal looks like

  1. Occupy Columbia’s Week of Action. Get your fill of peaceful dissent as you join OccupyCU in protesting the Sotheby’s lockout, discussing education and the economy, and marching downtown to support OWS. Bwog will be checking in with the student activists throughout the week.
  2. Yale may have banned their Sex Week, but that spirit is alive and well at Columbia, with the annual Sexhibition Health Fair (featuring penis cookies galore) taking place this Thursday afternoon and a rather sexy workshop scheduled for that evening. Both events are sponsored by Take Back the Night.
  3. On a more serious note, it is also Depression Awareness Week at Barnard. The Furman Counseling Center will be hosting a series of events focused on raising awareness about mood concerns, removing the stigma associated with depression, starting positive conversations about mental health, and boosting wellness.
  4. Students for Education Reform is hosting Education Week, with a slew of talks on the current “education crisis” ranging from whether or not teaching is a legitimate profession to the issues with access to college education. There will also be visits to local schools where you can go tell kids about how much not fun college is.
  5. Last but not least, this week is also Israel Week, presented by Kol Israel at Columbia and Barnard Hillel. Events include an Israeli goods fair, talks on Zionism and the history of Israel, and a colorful party.

Calendaric catastrophe via Wikimedia