Former Alumni President of St. A’s Jailed

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robin hood

Perry missed the part about "giving to the poor"

The New York Post, tone-deaf as ever, reports the story with the headline “Columbia Frat Honcho Jailed.” Walter Perry, the titular honcho, is accused of stealing $650,000 from Saint Anthony’s over six years, and has been sentenced to at least 24 months of jail time. It is not clear how the money was obtained, but apparently Perry spent it on “wine, women and song.” His defense was that all of the records which would exonerate him had “mysteriously vanished,” while according to Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Roger Hayes, prosecutors had “rock solid” evidence against Perry. Now the members of St. A’s can sleep a little more soundly within the walls of their “ornate” bedrooms.

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  1. Anonymous

    Instead of pointless drum circles at Barnard, why doesn't Occupy CU occupy St. A's? Seems like a pretty good proxy for rich elitism and how it's bringing our country down

  2. how

    Does St. A's have $650,000 to steal?

    • Anonymous

      Lol, what, did you think the coke just manifests every other weekend? These kids have money, not summer-internship-at-JP-Morgan money, either. The real kind. And the young alumni are still really involved in the house system.

  3. Anonymous  

    "wine, women, and song"??? Who is he, Dionysus?

  4. Embezzlement Reaches  

    The hallowed halls of the 1%!!! not that it wasn't there before...

  5. Alum

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of folks

  6. Anonymous

    what is St. Anthony's? the high school on long island? please clarify...

  7. Answer to question  

    St. A's is an elite society here at Columbia, similar to a frat, except that you have to be filthy rich and pretty to get in. Rumors are that you have to buy a roundtrip ticket to China and tear it up in front of a St. A's member in order to get in.

  8. Anonymous  

    Good to know that the expensive living and dining fees ST. A's members have to pay are being used for such great things! Nothing like (literally) wasting thousands of your parents dollars to keep the 99% out
    (Contact Erik Kogut, he's the president of St. As)

  9. Anonymous

    I agree with you entirely! Really, the essence of the other posts is that these member students should be morally obligated (really, forced) to give their money to any and all who don't have their amount of money. All this stuff drives me nuts - it's like saying they don't deserve their money, instead anyone less fortunate should be able to request (through guilt) their earnings and be of course handed out whatever money they ask for.

  10. Anonymous

    For the actual facts of the case, please refer to this blog entry:

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