If You Give Stressed Zombies Cookies…

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These gingerbread men clearly haven't had anything to drink

…they might actually smile! And then probably glare at you for ruining their diets. But we digress.

IN ANY CASE, if you’re craving some study break nomz, look no further than the Culinary Society’s last study break of the semester. They’ll be serving up holiday cookies like they’re going out of style, with reinvented classics like Chocolate-Dipped Chocolate Meringues, Drunken Gingerbread Men, and White Chocolate Rice Krispies. They’re even throwing in milk and eggnog to wash it all down.

9:30 pm. Satow Room in Lerner Hall. Be there, or be a scrooge. 

Update, 9:40 pm: All the cookies are gone!

Requisite Holiday Cheer from Flickr/adria.richards

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  1. was in crappy mood until now  


  2. whoa dude  

    stressed/desserts tag blew my mind

  3. Stress Baker

    I feel like all the stress bakers of the Columbia community should band together and give away baked goods all the time. Seriously, I just made so many muffins.

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