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On September 19th, 2010, Pat Blute and Zak Dychtwald debuted BwogWeather. For one sweet semester, you knew to dress seasonally. We even heard BwogWeather used as a pickup line at 1020. To those of you who asked 1. “I can haz bwogweather again pweas?” and 2. “Anyway, where is BwogWeather?,” with a special shoutout to this fool, the answers are 1. Yes and 2. Went to Australia and back again. After much soul-searching, and world traveling, the BwogWeatherMan Pat Blute is back, this time with Hardcore. We’ve been baiting you for months, so now that you have finals to take care of, allow us to divert you for a few minutes every night this week, as Bwog follows Pat’s epic adventure.

Special thanks go to Charlie Dinkin, Cayle Pietras, Christia Mercer, ZakAttak, Kenny Durell, Emeritus Dean Quigley, the Sock Monkey, Rakhi Agrawal, Erik Nook, Pierre Gergis, Karla Casariego, Madeleine Jensen, Olivia Levine, Liz Watson, Hannah Fraser, Ryan Mandelbaum, CTV, Carolyn Ruvkun and her dog, Australian park ranger Kady Grosser, Louise McCune, and all our friends at the Tangalooma Wild Dolphin Island Resort.

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  1. suggested tag  

    better than porn

  2. Liz Watson  

    didn't even take Lit Hum

  3. Core Scholar  

    "...nasty, brutish and short..."

    Hobbes is CC not lit hum!

  4. Waxima Perez  

    Erik Nook is hilarious and actually Australian.

  5. ecn2114  

    OMG YES!!!

    Pat, you are my hero. This is AMAZING!!! You're the hard cory-est of us all.
    Can not can not can not wait for the next episode!

    [Nicole Lopez loves you, too, btw.]

  6. awesome

    purposefully overdone, washed out cinematography never looked so good

  7. ugh  

    of course rakhi is in this. she's in every. single. club.

    in other news, it was great!

  8. Anonymous  

    Mercer kicks so much ass.

  9. Anonymous  

    not quite like bwog weather

  10. what  

    this is why i hate all the white people at this school


    has no film makers?

  12. SO EXCITED  

    also i heard all the important bitches will be in the next videos to come

  13. Ambiguous Punctuation  

    "Carolyn Ruvkun and her dog, Australian park ranger Kady Grosser"


  14. Anonymous  

    charlie. epic. epic. epic. so lovely.
    and olivia i'm obsessed with you but you know this.

  15. Philofreak  

    omg kant wait until tomorrow

    (cue wah wah)

  16. Anonymous  

    sooooo goood!!!!! pat blute is a genius! can't wait for tomorrow! gigglez

  17. Charlieeeee  

    You are the coolest.

  18. Anonymous  

    no shirtless Zak... disappointed.

  19. Anonymous  

    i don't get the hype about this. it's not even that funny...

  20. Athena  

    was such a fox! I wouldn't mind getting the chance to find an owl in her robes. Heh.

  21. Anonymous  

    Olivia is a babe

  22. Anonymous  

    this wasn't funny. at all.

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