Klein Denied Diversion To Treatment

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Adam Klein—the last of the students arrested in Operation Ivy League to begin pretrial proceedings—was denied diversion to treatment in a Manhattan courtroom today, reports Bloomberg. Had he been granted diversion and completed the program successfully, Klein could have avoided a felony charge on his criminal record.

“Obviously we’re disappointed,” Klein’s attorney, Alan Abramson, told Bloomberg. “We think Adam is an ideal candidate for diversion and the kind of defendant the diversion statute was created for.”

Klein now faces a sentence of 2 and a half years (maximum) if he’s convicted of criminal sale of a controlled substance.  He, along with the other defendants, was offered a plea bargain in June, turned it down.

Klein and Stephen Perez, also known as “Stephan Vincenzo,” are the only two Operation Ivy League defendants whose cases are still ongoing. Harrison David was convicted of a felony drug charge in August and received a few months in jail, while Michael Wymbs pleaded guilty last month and received five years of probation. Christopher Coles was more fortunate, as Judge Sonberg granted him a diversion to treatment a few weeks ago.

Perez has a court hearing scheduled next Tuesday, and Klein will return to court Jan. 10.

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  1. Good.  

    But only because he obviously would not gain anything out of treatment. Regardless, it's a little ridiculous that drug laws are so harsh.

  2. so tired of news about these losers  

    don't care.

  3. EE  

    Again its not a fucking big deal to have/sell weed, ectasy or LSD. Booz and cigarettes are more harmful. My heart cries for these kids....

  4. Anonymous

    Dude, no one cares about these guys anymore

  5. This was soooooo

    last year dude, literally.

  6. Anonymous  

    Chris Coles was the only one to receive diversion to treatment? Black people even get affirmative action in the courtroom... Wow.


      Wow. Just, wow.

      Go look at the numbers for people on death row. Controlling for the severity of the crime, along with a host of other contributing factors that add to the likelihood of being sentenced to death, there is a significant difference between black and white people being given the death penalty.

      And that is only the BEGINNING of all the data I could throw at you for why this comment is ridiculous. Affirmative action for black people in the eyes of the law? What a fucking joke.

  7. I don't care...

    ...about the fate of these kids. They wanted to make easy money, knew that the rewards were commensurate with the signficant risk involved, and they got caught.

    Yes, drug laws are harsh and should probably be reformed. But these kids went out of their way looking for trouble and it's really hard to be sympathetic to that.

    Have they been expelled yet?

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