Overseen: Stop Pushing Butler’s Buttons, You Guys

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You’ve seen it before, and you’ll see it again: an elusive group of ColumbiansĀ start to go a liiiiittle bit crazy during finals season. At this point, we’re pretty sure everyone’s just trying to comply with tradition. In any case, it makes for some quality overseens. The latest chapter, for your procrastinating pleasure:

Because nothing says, "Hey, this sign is super official and you better follow its instructions!!!" like chicken scratch on printer paper. Nothing.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Sometimes I press the button (here, at Lerner, elsewhere) because there's a big group of people behind me and thought it would be nice to keep it open for them. Sorry.

  2. Anonymous  

    Or maybe because I'm carrying a lot of things? Not clear on why people are upset about button pushing.

  3. Anonymous

    Those electronic buttons aren't even required for ADA compliance. The minimum requirement is a door handle that is easily grippable. So treat it as a luxury to be enjoyed by all.

  4. troll  

    What about the mentally disabled? Us Barnard girls have rights two!

  5. Anonymous  

    I don't understand, does pushing the button if you're not disabled have some negative effect? I push it all the time when I'm too lazy to push the door open.

    • cuz it wastes energy  

      it's like using an elevator to go the 3rd floor. you can do it, but for most of us, there's no need.

      that's only why i don't do it. i don't think anyone has the right to tell others not to push it if it's there. i'm just telling you fyi since you asked

  6. guy with cool car  

    Sure. Next thing is I won't be allowed to use their parking spaces either.

  7. ...  

    this is actually a really serious issue. i once saw someone in a wheelchair push the button at butler and the door refused to open because all the opens had been used up by careless kids and their inconsiderate button pushing ways.

  8. Anonymous  

    I think it just lets the f-f-freezing air in

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