Vincenzo Pleads Guilty, Coles Back in Jail

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Update, 9:45 pm: According to the New York Post, Chris Coles is back in jail after failing a court-mandated drug test. He will return to court December 22nd, and will still have a chance to enter the treatment program he was granted diversion to in November.

The AP reports that Stefan Vincenzo has pleaded guilty to “selling a prescription stimulant,” Adderall. This is not the same as the diversion to treatment Klein sought and Coles got—rather, Vincenzo will

“…be allowed to withdraw that plea and plead guilty to a drug misdemeanor in a year if he does 300 hours of community service, passes monthly drug tests and avoids rearrest.”

Harrison David pleaded guilty to a felony charge in July, as did Michael Wymbs in November. Adam Klein, who is still seeking diversion to treatment, is due to appear in court later today.

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  1. Anonymous  

    I just want to say that, although I'm sure everyone's feeling a bit of Columbia 5 Reporting Fatigue at this point, the entire premise of these arrests were bullshit, and my heart goes out to Stephan and his family. He is a genuinely kind, entrepreneurial, motivated kid - exactly the sort of person I had hoped to meet at Columbia - and it sucks that this happened to him in particular. I know, I know - he chose to break the law - but the actual enforcement of the law in this case was especially sensational and political, and designed to shame and embarrass.

  2. i used to think  

    they deserved what they got but then i saw breaking bad and i was like waitwut? maybe not???

  3. Billy Gates

    Hey Vincento, when you're done serving time, give me a call, alright? I'll take care of ya.

  4. Harrison D

    Just got out of Rikers the other day....had a blast....played cards all day long called "cut throat"....unfortunately the loser had to be the other's "bitch"...... what a cool life experience.

  5. Michael Barrientos

    Stephan was one of the homies here at Columbia.....he use to "hook" us up all the they make him out to be a's a hate crime against us mexicans....word up.

  6. Stephan Vincento

    Holaaaaas meeeeng, dees is really offensive holmess, I sella dee adderall for dee tuition meeng, is really expensiiiiiiive to go here colombia meeeeeeengg.

    • Ignorant bastard  

      I could go real hard on you right now, but it will be a waste of my time.

      But like I say, ignore the ignorant, and you dear are clearly one dumbass bastard who thinks making such remark is funny.

  7. Stephan  

    is half Mexican half Colombian

    (not defending racist dick though)

  8. ...  

    uh, bwog. how could you miss this:

    "Frankel painted a portrait in court papers of a young man who set his sights on going to Columbia at 13 and strove to get the grades and financial aid to realize his dream — snagging a spot as one of the 1,000 Gates Millennium Scholars named nationwide each year — but was battered by social pressures as soon as he got to campus. Eager to jump-start a social life, Perez invited the entire freshman class online to a social event, a gesture that moved some students to scorn him on blogs and mock him in a campus show, Frankel wrote in a filing earlier this year."

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