Update, 9:45 pm: According to the New York Post, Chris Coles is back in jail after failing a court-mandated drug test. He will return to court December 22nd, and will still have a chance to enter the treatment program he was granted diversion to in November.

The AP reports that Stefan Vincenzo has pleaded guilty to “selling a prescription stimulant,” Adderall. This is not the same as the diversion to treatment Klein sought and Coles got—rather, Vincenzo will

“…be allowed to withdraw that plea and plead guilty to a drug misdemeanor in a year if he does 300 hours of community service, passes monthly drug tests and avoids rearrest.”

Harrison David pleaded guilty to a felony charge in July, as did Michael Wymbs in November. Adam Klein, who is still seeking diversion to treatment, is due to appear in court later today.