Doin' it up prehistoric style

It’s finals! You’re hungry. Like, prehistoric hungry. Not sure what that means? Find out at the last Live at Lerner of the semester from 12 to 2 pm in Lerner Piano Lounge. They’ve tricked the place out with—we kid you not—a mashed potato bar. You’ll be able to caveman carbo-load to your heart’s content, without facing the judgement of the Nussbaum guys when you’ve come in for your fifth bagel of the day. In addition to the gratuitous nomz, there’ll be free dinosaur tattoos (gotta work in the theme somehow), crayons and coloring books, and back rubs from Stressbusters.

Finally, if all that free fun isn’t enough to relax ya, there’ll be a microphone and PA system set up for anyone who feels like belting out a lil’ Whitney Houston, because the good people of Live at Lerner “believe that the performing arts (and dinosaurs) are therapeutic.” Can’t really argue with that.

Sign up for an open mic slot here

On the menu:

  • lentil/barley soup (v)
  • mashed potato station (we anticipate this as much as you do)
  • sweet mashed potatoes
  • (optional toppings) sour cream, bacon, scallions-sliced, grated cheddar cheese, mini marshmallows
  • italian mini pastries
  • water / coffee / tea / decaf
uhmaiguh adorable flyer by Lila Neiswanger