You survived Lit Hum/CC and your next final is…well, at least a day away. Take a deep breath, give yourself a hug, and enjoy the break from finals by hopping in bed with us for a few minutes before crashing your head back into the deep recesses of your pillow. Remember, this isn’t a Tarantino film: tip without fear at

Enjoy this brief reprieve. Tomorrow's the FroSc- wait, you're not actually studying for that, are you?

Bwogline: Just hours after Stanford withdrew from the race, Cornell received an anonymous $350 million donation to support its bid—solidifying their front runner status in the $100 million competition to build a new science campus in New York City. (Bloomberg)

Finals tip: Contrary to popular belief, what you don’t know can in fact hurt you.

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Overheard: Girl gets up to leave Butler 6, but leaves stuff in her spot.

Girl: Hey, I’m just going to pick up some stuff, can you watch my papers?

Dude at table: Sure.

G: Thanks, can I get you anything?

D: Uh, no. Thanks!

Stressbustyourself: Eat! Feeding your active body and mind with wholesome food can help you charge ahead and maintain energy.  Maybe a sweet banana, apple or grapes are your type of snack.  If not, try nuts, veggies or cereal bars.

Hard-working, diligent student via Wikimedia Commons