More than halfway there! People lucky enough to be done with finals have started leaving already, but probably like most of you, Bwog is still slumped in bed dreaming of Milano sandwiches and about not having to take this exam in two hours. It’s an oral one, do you think we can bring food?

Bwogline: Starting in January, Columbia will begin reimbursing its married gay and lesbian employees for taxes they pay because the federal government does not view their domestic partnerships as an “economic unit.” Looks like the good news just doesn’t stop.

Chorusline: The V-Show has posted the 117th Varsity Show soundtrack on its website! Now you can relive those moments whenever you want, at John Jay…

Finals tip: Copy-paste your thesis statement into every body paragraph verbatim so that your paper will cohere!

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Stressbustyourself: Masturbate.

Overheard: A youngling, outside of Butler:

“I’m taking a break from studying to eat, but it’s justified because it’s a physical need.”

Priorities are everything!

Merp via Wikimedia Commons