Everybody has to object sometimes

On many Ivy-League campuses where banks recruit heavily, OWS vitriol is being channeled towards the I-banking recruitment process. Those protesting wonder whether the slick recruiting creates a brain-drain away from other industries. (NYTimes)

On the other end of the career spectrum: The New York Times Style section profiled The New Inquiry, a blog staffed largely by recent Columbia and Barnard graduates that hosts a veritable 21st century literary salon. (NYTimes)

Some say that New York state’s proposed rules against fracking will not be strong enough to protect NYC’s water supply. (Bloomberg)

HP officials are firing back at the Columbia Study that claimed hackers could remotely ignite HP printers. According to officials, a security problem does exist, but hackers cannot circumvent the cooling devices in place. Let’s hope the argument doesn’t heat up too much. (Bloomberg)

Last night the Rockefeller center lit the Rockefeller Tree Dankest of Pines. It’s reassuring to know that despite the debate we can still all get together and erect a massive evergreen covered in tinsel and five miles of lights. (AP)

Healthy debater via wikimedia.