I prefer inorganic produce, personally

Crawl out of your study grotto and grab some grub at the Greenmarket, slinging fresh produce on Broadway beteween 114th and 116th every Thursday and Sunday. As per tradition, Bwog brings you the weekly highlights.

  • King Ferry Winery will now attend both Thursdays and Sundays each week.
  • This Thursday, Lani’s will be selling no-spray greens (which really makes one wonder about the other greens…).
  • This Sunday will likely be Gonzalez Farms last market day of the season. Relive a semester’s worth of fond memories buying kale at Gonzalez Farms there by buying more kale from Gonzalez Farms.
  • Stock up on energy with Stannard Farm. On Thursday and Sunday they’ll be offering sucrose-saturated apples, apple cider, and apple cakes. On Sunday pick up a winter squash—they’re vitamin-rich and come in a naturally spill-proof container.
  • Salento Farms joins on Sunday with fresh garlic, garlic powder, pickled eggplant, and garlic-scape pesto.
  • Visit Mark VanGlad at Wood Homestead/ Tundra Brewery on Sunday for great gift shopping. Maple syrup, candy, local beer, and gift boxes featuring local pancake mix will all be available. Combine all four and that special someone give a drunken brunch-in-a-box this holiday season.
Invisible hand via wikimedia.