Most people like to eat. Most people do not like to spend money (see: free food tips). One such lover of all foods free and monies unspent has made herself known to us, and we harassed her so much that she finally agreed to assess the quality, quantity, and pizazz of free food events around campus. Read on as The Scrounger scales the ramps to reach the one and only Jed Satow Room.

The main course.

As the clock struck 9:30pm a meeting in the Jed Satow room ended and eager students and Culinary Society members rushed the space. Culinary Society members prepared for the study break on one side of a long line of tables: out came the tupperware and baking bowls full of delicious baked goods and frosting. On the other side of the table, event-goers awkwardly jockeyed for positions strategically eyeing the offerings – some feigning civility by sitting down, others assertively making a bee line for the snickerdoodles. As soon as the first bottle of milk was cracked open, it became a free-for-all. I carefully selected one cookie from each of the offerings and by the time I surfaced from the cookie chaos, I saw that there was a line nearly to the door.

Quality 4 There were 5 different, delicious cookies to choose from including a snickerdoodle, a white chocolate rice krispie bar with caramelized peanuts, chocolate-dipped meringues with a [hint of peppermint?], Drunken Gingerbread Men with a delicious frosting and a small chocolate chocolate chip salt cookie. This eater’s favorites were the gingerbread and the chocolate salt cookies.
Volume 3 If you got there early, you could make away like a bandit but the volume after the first few minutes made for a quick depletion of treats.
Amenities 3.9 The eggnog and milk were excellent accompaniments to the sweet noshings that the Culinary Society provided. Red solo cups were also instrumental in taking the baked goods on the road.
Take Out 4.5 Perfect grab food and go event.
Décor 2.8 The Satow Room was as magnificent as ever but no decorations were attempted. However, the Culinary Society did bust out some music for the event.