Sure, it’s Saturday night, but it’s also finals week, meaning that your closest encounter with anyone “dressed to impress” will likely be with this girl. Regardless, that urge to pack up and hit The Heights is probably pretty strong about now. To aid in your decision, we happily present a favorite from the archives, the Bwog Finals Fortune Teller:

It’s always times like these when we feel like giving up and leaving our finals fates to the gods. Fortunately for everyone, Bwog has a serious god complex, and we’re prepared to dole out our predictions for your final exams with extreme authority. 

So if you trust Bwog with the weaving of your academic fate (and you totally should), check out our fortune teller. We promise it’ll make way better use of your print quota than that anthro reading you skipped. 

Instructions and cutout (PDF)

Big version (PDF))