Bwog’s Hopes and Dreams for Twenty-Twelve

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Sometimes Bwog makes topical holiday lists. One of those times is now. Accordingly, for this New Year, we’re sharing our resolutions. As you wipe hangover eye-crust away, share yours in the comments. Maybe you saw the ball drop in Times Square—connecting with those beige middle-Americans who saw it on their TVs at 11 pm CST, thereafter setting their glasses on bedside tables and turning off their lights. Maybe you were at a house party in another state. Maybe you just don’t feel any different.


  • Become more articulate
  • Swear more inventively
  • Call more, text less
  • Write more letters
  • When a Gchat conversation/text exchange lasts more than 10 minutes, just call


  • Meet Prezbo
  • Remember that dry cleaning exists
  • Go to my friends’ recitals and games
  • Throw more parties
  • Eat more meals with utensils and friends
  • Actually go/get in to Orgo night

Going Places

  • Actually visit friends at other colleges that I said I’d visit (NYU parties don’t count)
  • Explore
  • Bike more. It’s not just a coat hanger.
  • Make it to the top of campus buildings
  • Never take the Hamilton elevator; there is no excuse
  • Go to 1020 LESS. There’s a world outside Morningside.
  • Spend more time in Queens

Glued to the Screen

  • Stop playing Temple Run
  • Remember that books > Facebook
  • More books, less TV
  • Turn off my computer whenever possible
  • Stop trying to keep up with the Internet instead of my readings

Quality of Life

  • Resolve more resolutions
  • Feel less guilty
  • Spend less time in anguish
  • Quit stuff
  • When faced with the choice to study an extra hour or sleep, just sleep
  • Squint less
  • Brush my hair daily so it doesn’t look like a mop
  • Go out without going all out
  • Be more human
  • Wake up before 10 am
  • Become one of those people who needs to run every day
  • Sleep less in Butler, and more in my bed
  • Drink more water
  • Less HamDel, more gym
  • Turn off my computer whenever possible
  • Seize the day—trusting as little as possible to tomorrow—a little more
  • Stop trying to keep up with the internet instead of my readings
  • Go home when my parents are there, and not just to see my dog


  • Make it to all the free food events on campus
  • Eat more tomatoes
  • Convince Joe’s to give me a free cup of coffee
  • Bring one of my 4 thermoses from NoCo to NoCo instead of asking for another
  • Eat moar chikin

Class or Something

  • Be more punctual for 9:10 class
  • Take an interesting humanities class that people can relate to in conversation
  • Hand-write class notes instead of typing them
  • Work better and more efficiently
  • Just because it’s easier doesn’t mean that keeping up with The Good Wife is as important as keeping up with readings
  • Budget 10 more minutes in the morning to make walks to early classes more leisurely and less rushed

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  1. New Year's resolution

    Stop visiting bwog. It sucks.

  2. Anonymous

    Ugh... I only take humanities classes that people can relate to in conversation... what's wrong with me...

  3. wait

    how is hand-writing notes more desirable or advantageous?

  4. Anonymous

    Great post, thanks bwog

  5. Saved on a computer in Butler

    "From the time I was a child, I knew that I was destined for great things. In fact, my favorite otter pop was Alexander the Grape."

  6. seriously?

    death cab for cutie?

  7. Apple recently announced

    that beginning January 1, all iPod displays will have a density of 400 pixels per inch.

    They called this their new year's resolution.

  8. Bwog Knee-pads

    The cool part about this one, Bwog? It's getting 3/4ths down the left hand column and seeing that there's a whole other SECOND, RIGHT HAND SIDE column of stuff!

  9. Alum

    Go to 1020 LESS? That's the best part about Columbia!

  10. help

    does anyone else not have grades yet? why is it taking so long???

  11. CC '10

    As an alum, I think this is a great list. If you're reading BWOG and can resolve to actually act on a handful of these suggestions, I think you'll have a much more enjoyable and less stressful semester.

    Bike More

    Throw More Parties

    Turn Off My Computer Whenever Possible

    Be more punctual for a 9:10 class

    ...If only I had done these things...

  12. BUT BUT


  13. Anonymous

    getting on the roof of noco is my #1 goal for this semester

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