Sometimes Bwog makes topical holiday lists. One of those times is now. Accordingly, for this New Year, we’re sharing our resolutions. As you wipe hangover eye-crust away, share yours in the comments. Maybe you saw the ball drop in Times Square—connecting with those beige middle-Americans who saw it on their TVs at 11 pm CST, thereafter setting their glasses on bedside tables and turning off their lights. Maybe you were at a house party in another state. Maybe you just don’t feel any different.


  • Become more articulate
  • Swear more inventively
  • Call more, text less
  • Write more letters
  • When a Gchat conversation/text exchange lasts more than 10 minutes, just call


  • Meet Prezbo
  • Remember that dry cleaning exists
  • Go to my friends’ recitals and games
  • Throw more parties
  • Eat more meals with utensils and friends
  • Actually go/get in to Orgo night

Going Places

  • Actually visit friends at other colleges that I said I’d visit (NYU parties don’t count)
  • Explore
  • Bike more. It’s not just a coat hanger.
  • Make it to the top of campus buildings
  • Never take the Hamilton elevator; there is no excuse
  • Go to 1020 LESS. There’s a world outside Morningside.
  • Spend more time in Queens

Glued to the Screen

  • Stop playing Temple Run
  • Remember that books > Facebook
  • More books, less TV
  • Turn off my computer whenever possible
  • Stop trying to keep up with the Internet instead of my readings

Quality of Life

  • Resolve more resolutions
  • Feel less guilty
  • Spend less time in anguish
  • Quit stuff
  • When faced with the choice to study an extra hour or sleep, just sleep
  • Squint less
  • Brush my hair daily so it doesn’t look like a mop
  • Go out without going all out
  • Be more human
  • Wake up before 10 am
  • Become one of those people who needs to run every day
  • Sleep less in Butler, and more in my bed
  • Drink more water
  • Less HamDel, more gym
  • Turn off my computer whenever possible
  • Seize the day—trusting as little as possible to tomorrow—a little more
  • Stop trying to keep up with the internet instead of my readings
  • Go home when my parents are there, and not just to see my dog


  • Make it to all the free food events on campus
  • Eat more tomatoes
  • Convince Joe’s to give me a free cup of coffee
  • Bring one of my 4 thermoses from NoCo to NoCo instead of asking for another
  • Eat moar chikin

Class or Something

  • Be more punctual for 9:10 class
  • Take an interesting humanities class that people can relate to in conversation
  • Hand-write class notes instead of typing them
  • Work better and more efficiently
  • Just because it’s easier doesn’t mean that keeping up with The Good Wife is as important as keeping up with readings
  • Budget 10 more minutes in the morning to make walks to early classes more leisurely and less rushed